Association Structure

AEPMA has a democratic system of electing office bearers at all levels of the Association. Every Member has the opportunity to express ideas on any matter concerning the industry or the Association.

The National Board

The National Board manages the affairs of the Association with National Board members being directors of the Association.

There shall be a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of nine (9) directors which shall be constituted as follows:

  • a director nominated by each Branch Council, such director being the representative of a Professional Member.
  • a director elected by the Associate Members to represent their interest, to be known as the Associate Member National Board Member, such director being elected in manner determined by the National Board; provided that not more than one third of the directors for the time being shall be representatives of any one member, structured business group, licensee or agency entity.
  • The directors from their number shall elect a President, Vice-President and Treasurer. The Branch Council which nominated the director elected as President, shall then be entitled to nominate a second director to the National Board. All directors shall retire at the Annual General Meeting.


An Association Branch will comprise all Members located in a State, Territory or geographic region, provided their number exceeds 20, and will include members located in any adjacent State, Territory or geographic region wherein the number of local members does not exceed 20. Branches will be designated by their State or Territory name followed by the word Branch, e.g. Australian Environmental Pest Managers’ Association Ltd, Queensland Branch. 

Each Branch, when formed, will have a Council comprising a number of councillors not less than the number for the time being of Sub-Branches within the Branch. 

The Council shall from its members elect a chairman, vice-chairman and treasurer. The Council shall also elect from its numbers one delegate and one alternate delegate to the National Board of the Association and each such delegate shall be a Professional Member of the Association. The Council shall appoint a secretary who need not be a member of the Council or the Association. 

Council meetings will be held in the same way as and will be conducted under the same rules as apply to meetings of the National Board of the Association, except that a quorum shall be one-half of the Councillors in office. 

Each Branch will operate on a Committee system similar to that of the National Board, and Committees will report to the Branch Council meetings in the same manner.


An Association Sub-Branch will comprise a number of members located in a geographic region. Applications for the formation of new Sub-Branches should be submitted to the Branch Secretary for consideration by the Council. 

Each Sub-Branch, when formed, will elect from its members, a chairman, treasurer and a delegate to the Branch Council. The Sub-Branch appoints a secretary who need not be a member of the Sub-Branch or the Association.

Each Sub-Branch will operate on a Committee system similar to that of the National Board, and Committees will report to Sub-Branch Meetings in the same manner.