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About Us

We have been providing pest management services to residential, commercial, timber and pre-construction markets since 1961.

Our Mission

To be THE choice for effective pest management services,
satisfying the needs of our customers, our workforce and the environment.


Amalgamated Pest Control has been looking after the needs of homeowners since 1961. Our current clients also include some of Australia’s largest retail chains, airlines, hotels and food processing plants; no job is too large or too small.


Our insurance coverage provides you with premium protection.

  • Public and Products Liability Insurance:  $50,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance:          $1,000,000
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance (that includes cover for environmental cleanup)

Environmental Management

Reducing the environmental impact of Amalgamated Pest Control has become a goal of Amalgamated Pest Control. We are involved in an industry often criticised for environmental mismanagement and disregard. That is why Amalgamated Pest Control has developed treatment techniques, utilising the most advanced equipment and products to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal. We specialize in targeting the harbourage areas of the pests, minimising the amount of pesticides used as well as ensuring that people and pets are not directly exposed.

Technical Back-up and Support

The Amalgamated Pest Control Group is serviced by a dedicated Technical Services section providing technical support, research, development, and on-going training to all our branches. This means that standing behind every field technician is a team of qualified technical experts to assist in providing pest management solutions, should a need arise.

Our progressive research and development approach has contributed not only to enhanced treatment methods, but also to the development of equipment, chemicals and technical training methods used throughout Australia.

Our research and field officers enjoy a close working relationship with our Industry Association (the AEPMA), external technical consultants for specialist work, chemical and equipment manufacturers and government agencies including Health, Work Health & Safety, Environmental Protection, Forestry, Primary Industries and Industry Training Advisory bodies.

Our team has played a leading role in the development and ongoing refinement of the pest management industry competency standards which has now been adopted throughout Australia as the basis for training and licensing.

Work Health and Safety

Amalgamated Pest Control understands the importance of ensuring the protection of health and safety of its workforce and any other person who may be affected by our operations. The organisations commitment to safety is demonstrated by the Company’s Work Health and Safety Policy. This policy was developed with the support of Senior Management and in consultation with Branch and Zone managers, and provides details on responsibilities of each and every worker within the Group.

We also have Workplace Rehabilitation Policies and Procedures to provide proper care and rehabilitation for our workers.

Registered Training Organisation

Amalgamated Pest Control is a Registered Training Organisation delivering nationally recognised training under the CPP07 Property Services Training Package.  Our investment in training of new personnel and ongoing training of existing personnel is part of the reason we can keep at the forefront of the industry.  Our training culture is one that is recognised both inside and outside the pest management industry.

Our Services

  • Residential Pest Management.
  • Commercial Pest Management.
  • Timber Pest Management.
  • Pre-construction Termite Management Solutions.

We cover all types of enviroments including:

Residential, Homes, Commercial, Office, Industrial, Rental, Real Estate, Strata Management, Body Corporate, Hospital, Restaurant, Hospitality, Hotel, Motel, Resort, School, College, Retail, Shop, Kitchen, Bakery, Shopping Centre, Church, Child Care, Townhouse, Apartment, Flat, Unit, Food Service, Factory, HACCP, AQIS, Airport, Doctor, Surgery, Health Care, Mall, Casino, Property Management.

We Control a Wide Variety of Pests

Whether it’s for a residential or commercial client, we can develop a pest management solution for the following pests:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Fleas
  • Rodents
  • Silverfish
  • Termites
  • Borers
  • Wood decay
  • Stored product pests
  • Fabric pests
  • Flies
  • Paper lice
  • Mosquitoes and midge
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Bed-bugs
  • Earwigs
  • Crickets
  • Birds
  • Nuisance possums
  • Feral animals

Other Pests?

If you have problems with other pests, just call us to discuss your situation

Miscellaneous Services

We can also provide the following services in selected areas:

  • Fumigation services
  • Hygiene and odour control




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