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80-86 Buckhurst Street , South Melbourne, VIC, Australia
03 8696 9000
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Founded in 1985, Exopest is one of the leading Pest Control Companies in Melbourne.

Award winning company

  • Victorian Pest Manager of the Year 2015
  • Port Philip CitiPower Business Finalist Awards 2014
  • National Winner Australian Pest Manager of the Year 2010 & Finalist 2018
  • Radio talkback Melbourne guest ABC & 3AW

We control pest infestation, rodent and termite problems by offering intelligent pest control systems for your home, office or commercial premises.

Our services have been thoroughly researched to not only address the problems of infestation, but also address the migratory habits of the pests to ensure complete protection of your entire property, not just the treated area.

Exopest employs university science graduates both in the field and technical support roles. We are TRUE termite and insect pest experts!

Call: 8696 9000 -  Safe Affordable Reliable Pest Control

 Household - Termites Structural

  • Termite Inspections
  • Pre purchase timber pest inspection reports
  • Pre construction termite barriers - HomeGuard
  • Pre construction soil treatments - Biflex Premise
  • Termite baiting - Exterra 
  • Termite treatments - Premise Termidor Altriset

Commercial Pest Control

  • Rats Mice
  • Ants Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bird Netting Trapping
  • Stored Product Pests
  • Integrated Pest Management Reports
  • HACCP Audits
  • HACCP Pest Management

Household - Domestic Pests

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Silverfish Clothes Moths Carpet Beetle
  • Rats Mice
  • Fleas Bird Mites

 "Trust Exopest 2013 Victorian Pest Manager of the Year"   3AW Radio