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FMC Corporation is one of the world’s foremost diversified chemical companies with leading positions in agricultural, industrial and consumer markets. We operate under four main divisions -  Agricultural Product Group (APG), Biopolymer, Lithium and Industrial Chemicals. From our inception in 1883, FMC has been providing solutions to companies and their customers. Today, we use an array of advanced technologies in research and development to improve the delivery of medications; enhance foods and beverages; power batteries; protect crop yields, structures and lawns; and advance the manufacture of glass, ceramics, plastics, pulp and paper, textiles and other products.

FMC Australasia Pty Ltd is fully owned subsidiary of FMC Corporation representing our Agricultural Product Group. We develop and market products in the cropping and household pest markets.

Since 1975, FMC has been involved in the Australian market in registering products and supplying Professional Pest Managers.  The first active ingredients registered included cypermethrin and permethrin products for general household pest control.  Following the discovery and development of bifenthrin in the early 1980's, FMC released Biflex in 1994, a termiticide and insecticide which replaced the organochlorides to set new standards in termite management in Australia. FMC continues to develop and improve its Biflex formulations utilizing more than 20 years of ongoing trial data gathered under Australian conditions.

FMC is a research and development company, our focus on product development means we continue to refine our formulations to benefit the Professional Pest Manager.

Our key brands in the Australian market are Biflex Ultra-Lo-Odour, Biflex AquaMax, Dragnet Dust, Bestox PC50, Brigade Granular Insecticide and HomeGuard. We sell through a national distribution network which supplies Professional Pest Managers.

FMC have a team of dedicated Business Development Managers servicing our customers nationally.  Our BDM’s main focus is to work with the Professional Pest Manager;  to assist them in the development of their business and provide product training and infield advice.


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FMC is proud to manufacture a wide range of quality products for the pest control industry. Professional Pest Managers can rely on FMC products to cost effectively control subterranean termites, ants, cockroaches, spider, fleas, flies, midgee and mosquitoes.


An excellent knockdown and long lasting residual insecticide. Especially effective in heavy cockroach infestations.

An ultra low odour Termiticide and Insecticide. For professional use in internal and external areas in domestic and commercial situations.

A water based Termiticide and Insecticide. For professional use in external and internal situations around buildings and other domestic and commercial situations.

A granular Insecticide. For external use, such as building surrounds and turf.

Industrial strength insecticidal powder.

A cost effective physical termite barrier.



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