Approved PestCPD Activities

Below is a current list of approved PestCPD activities that have been assessed by the PestCPD administration. If an event or activity doesn't appear below, you may wish to send an enquiry and/or submit your suggestion for further consideration. 
Please note there are further event details on the appraised PestCPD events page. Alternatively you can book in to attend other AEPMA hosted events via the Upcoming Event section. 

Approved activities: 

Title Organisation Expected Length Expected CPD Pts
6 Steps to Building a Better Business ActionCOACH 60 mins 4.0 pts
7 Secrets of Success Agserv 60 mins 8.0 pts
A Safety System For a Small Pest Control Business Weipa Pest Control Pty Ltd 60 mins 8.0 pts
Adult Mosquito Management FMC Australasia Pty Ltd 60 mins 8.0 pts
AEPMA: What Has the Association Done for Us? - Nelson Training Amalgamated PC 60 mins 4.0 pts
Alcatraz Bird Control Agserv 60 mins 4.0 pts
Altis Reticulation Training Course PSSST 60 mins 32.0 pts
Altriset Training Module DuPont (Australia) Ltd 90 mins 12.0 pts
Amalgamated Operating System Online 2009 Amalgamated PC 60 mins 8.0 pts
An Introduction to Risk Assessment PestLearn Pty Ltd 90 mins 12.0 pts
An Introduction to the new AEPMA CoP for Pest Management in the Food Industry Handara Consulting Pty Ltd 30 mins 4.0 pts
Ant Biology Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd 60 mins 4.0 pts
Ant Control Termidore BASF Australia Ltd 60 mins 4.0 pts
Ant Identification guide and elimination Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd 60 mins 8.0 pts
Ant Management Systems BASF Australia Ltd 60 mins 8.0 pts
Ants/Rodents Syngenta Australia Pty Limited 30 mins 4.0 pts
Approaches to Termites in Trees and Stumps Australian Tree Care Services 30 mins 4.0 pts
Appropriate Timber Use in Structures Rapid Solutions 60 mins 8.0 pts
AS4249.3 Inspection of Buildings - Timber Pest Inspections Pestforce Pty Ltd 45 mins 6.0 pts
AS4349.3 - 2010: The new standard for pre-purchase timber pest inspections Rapid Training 45 mins 6.0 pts

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