Urban and Commercial Pest Management Industry CPD Application - Register an Organisation as a CPD Provider

Register an organisation as a CPD Provider and agree to ensure compliance of events with CPD Appraisal Document V10.1.0

This form (Form 1) is to register an organisation to host CPD Events. It should be completed by an individual who will be responsible for all CPD events run by the organisation (CPD Manager).

Instructions for applicants:

  • This form should be completed and signed by the CPD Manager and submitted to the PestCPD administrator.
  • CPD Managers should familiarise themselves with the CPD Appraisal Document Version 10.1.0.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of events that a CPD provider may wish to run during the year and all events are covered by this form.
  • Attendees can only earn CPD points from Events which include activities that have been appraised (Form 2) and assigned CPD points.
  • Undertaking given in the term "I undertake", "I will", etc., denotes acceptance of responsibility to ensure these actions are carried out.
  • For continued validity of events, please ensure that information on this form is current. If not, a new form must be submitted either online or via post for approval.
  • If appropriate, an individual (not representing an organisation) may register themselves as a CPD Provider.
To expedite processing of this appraisal, please register online. Alternatively you can download the Registration Form here.


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