Frank Bonney - Deceased (1928 - 2012)

Frank Bonney started working in the pest management industry at the age of 13, when he went to work for his uncle on his dairy farm in Gippsland.  In 1948, at the age of 20, Frank took over the running of his uncle’s South Australian farm where he became one of the first pest controllers to use an eight inch power saw to cut man-holes in the floor.

In 1953, Frank sold up his business and, along with his two brothers, he started a company called Household Pest Control (HPC).  A trip to America around this time to attend the Annual Pest Control Convention in Louisville, Kentucky taught him of new and innovative ways to run his business.  HPC were one of the first companies to use their own designed stainless steel cylinders which had been used by the Air Force during the war.  It was also while in America that he learned of a correspondence course, which would allow them to branch out into all domestic pests, rather than just concentrating on termites.

Frank and his uncle took the course, which led to contracts with most of the huge poultry farms where they desperately needed to eradicate rodents.  Frank was able to come up with a very successful method of keeping the rat population down to a minimum.

By 1970, the business, which had started with just three employees, had tripled its turnover and had 55 staff on its role as well as 40 vehicles.

Frank made a point of personally training his staff, both from an environmental and safety point of view.  He also became a lecturer on termites at Mt Lawley Technical College for a number of years.

Following a very successful career, Frank sold his business to Rentokil.  He went on to build a water-ski park, which he ran very successfully.  He is also well remembered in the skiing world, where he was 17 times Western Australian State Slalom Champion and 8 times Australian Slalom Champion.

Sadly, Frank passed away in October 2012 at the age of 85 following a short illness.