Applying for PestCert Accreditation is fairly straight forward and dependant on the company business, size and the associated level of accreditation. You can review and print various documents that will assist you to understand the obligations and procedure to become accredited.

Scope of the PestCert accreditation program

The PestCert accreditation program is open to businesses in the pest management industry who agree to the accreditation standards contained in this document and include a business ensuring that it maintains appropriate standards in three areas:

  • Employee accreditation - for a pest management business to become accredited, all staff must undertake Continuing Professional Development training.  All pest management employees must undertake a minimum of 80 CPD units in any given year.
  • Vehicle and minor storage accreditation -  Vehicles which are used in the dconduct of pest management are required to be assessed against a checklist or code of practice.
  • Storage areas and facilities - For storage areas and facilities which hold below 1000 litres or kilograms of pest management chemicals at any one point in time, refer to the vehicle and minor storage checklist.  For sites which hold greater than these quantities at any one time, PestCert recommends separate accreditation.

PestCert Limited membership

Accreditation includes membership of PestCert Limited and provides the nominated represented of the member company with the right to participate in any general meeting of the company. PestCert members can also nominate and vote for Directors of the company.

You need to be AEPMA Professional member before you can apply s PestCert member. If you are already Professional member, you can login to Member Portal and upgrade to a PestCert Member. 

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