Urban Pest Management Training Package - Redevelopment Project 2018-2019


Call to Industry Stakeholders – to GET INVOLVED!!!!
The Australian Government has implemented a process for training package reform for all industry sectors. This reform process is carried out at the direction of the COAG Industry & Skills Council and the Australian Industry & Skills Committee (AISC). Artibus Innovation a Skill Services Organisation has been engaged by the AISC to manage the reform process for industries within the Property Services sector which includes Pest Management. Artibus Innovation has established an Industry Reference Committee (IRC) to review and develop training packages in line with the Australian Governments reform process. They have as part of their 2018/2019 work schedule the requirement to review and reform the Urban Pest Management Training Package. 
The Urban Pest Management Redevelopment Project will examine the content, structure, training delivery and student outcomes of the CPP30115 Certificate III in Urban Pest Management. In particular the project will look at the: 
• Suitability of packaging of the Certificate III qualification
• Requirement for the addition of a Certificate IV qualification or a skill set of units at Certificate IV level (e.g. aimed at Supervisors or Senior technical staff)
• Relevancy and content of the existing units
• Pathway qualifications for young workers / people new to industry
As training package reform needs to be industry driven, Artibus are seeking consultation and engagement with all industry stakeholders to obtain feedback on this project. This timing of this project is almost perfect as there has been a lot of recent noise, especially on social media, around the Pest Management training systems and content of courses, delivery timeframes and licensing requirements within the sector. Artibus Innovation have requested assistance from AEPMA and other stakeholders to get the project message out to their members. 
The first step in the project is to establish an industry Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to assist the IRC with input to the new training package. All industry stakeholders are invited to NOMINATE for the TAG positions, the nomination forms and TAG Terms of Reference can be found on the Project webpage. The nomination period closes 16th November 2018.
The TAG will be chaired by Property Services IRC and industry member Mr John Murray, National Pest Technical Manager for Flick Anticimex, who is assisting Artibus Innovation with the consultation process.  Other consultation opportunities will include surveys (see link below), forums/workshops, webinars, email and website updates, networks/roadshows and direct engagement. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and project updates. 
The Pest Management Training Package Redevelopment Project was launched at the recent AEPMA conference on the Gold Coast (presentation slides are on the Project webpage). The presentation was essentially a call out for those in the industry to:
• GET INVOLVED and be part of the change
• Make a REAL DIFFERENCE to the future of pest management training
Full details of the project can be found on the project webpage: www.artibus.com.au/project/?project_id=5 or by contacting enquiries@artibus.com.au