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AEPMA Conference - Early Bird Registrations Closing 31 July, 2018

The AEPMA Conference is fast approaching and now is the time to register and secure your place for this exciting event. 

For more information, and to register, simply visit the AEPMA Conference Website (https://aepma.com.au/conference), or download the attached registration form, complete and return with your payment to the AEPMA National Office, info@aepma.com.au.  

Take advantage of the special accommodation rates available at The Star Gold Coast, simply contact the Reservations department direct on (07) 5592 8130 or 1800 074 344 and mention that you are attending the "Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association Conference".  But don't delay, places are filling fast!

New Venomous Snake Discovered in Queensland

Scientists searching for sea snakes never expected to stumble across this find.
In a chance discovery, a team of biologists were returning from a sea snake research mission when they found a new venomous species for Australia.

The team, led The University of Queensland’s Associate Professor Bryan Fry, uncovered a new species of bandy-bandy snake at Weipa on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula in the far north of the country.

Prof Fry said bandy-bandies were burrowing snakes so they were surprised they then found it on a concrete block by the sea, after coming in from a night of sea snake spotting.

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Pest Manager of the Year - Deadline Closing Soon!
The closing date for submitting your entries for the 2018 Pest Manager of the Year Awards is almost upon us! 
Once again organised by AEPMA and sponsored by both AEPMA and BASF, the awards will be made to pest management companies in four categories:
• Companies that employ more than 10 people, 
• Fewer than 10 people 
• Fewer than 3 people; and
• Companies of any size operating in the South Pacific
The winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner at the AEPMA Conference in September 2018. Entry forms should be forwarded by COB 27th July 2018 to the AEPMA National Office via email to info@aepma.com.au or fax 07 3268 4213. More information is available on the AEPMA website.
Is That a Cockroach in Your Ear?!
On a humid April night, Katie Holley awoke from her sleep to a strange sensation in her ear. In a disoriented daze, Holley got out of bed, went into the bathroom, and grabbed a Q-Tip. She gently brushed the inside of her ear and when she pulled the cotton swab out, she saw two little black lines that looked like sticks.

It dawned on her that the black lines were not sticks, but rather the legs of a roach that had burrowed itself inside her ear. It made sense, as Holley and her husband had recently moved into a new house in Florida where they encountered many roaches, known as palmetto bugs.
Bayer Excellence Awards - Nominations Closing Soon!
Nominations for the newly created Bayer Individual Excellence in Professional Pest Management Award, are closing soon. 
This new award will enable the industry to recognize the important contributions made by many individuals to the industry’s continued growth and development, with a winner selected for both AEPMA and FAOPMA. 
The AEPMA award will be presented at the Leadership Dinner at the AEPMA conference being held on the Gold Coast in Australia on 19-21 September. The FAOPMA award will be presented at the FAOPMA 2018 conference, being held 26-29 September at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre in Shenzhen, China.
To be eligible for nomination, nominees must meet the following criteria:
1. Putting customers first through a commitment to excellence in customer focus, leadership, and service
2. Fostering innovation in the Pest Management Industry; and 
3. Individual Excellence.
Winners will receive one night’s accommodation, airfares and two seats at the AEPMA 2018 Conference Leadership Dinner. Nominations are closing on 1 August, so don’t delay and submit your nomination! 
For Further Information:
Daryle Swarz
(m) 0407 337 809
Scientists Slash Disease Spreading Mosquito Population  

Scientists in Australia have wiped out 80 percent of a disease-carrying mosquito in trial areas of the northeastern state of Queensland as part of an experiment to crack down on what officials have called "one of the world’s most dangerous pests." 

Researchers reared and released millions of sterile male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to suppress the population, Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) reported Tuesday.

"The invasive Aedes aegypti mosquito is one of the world’s most dangerous pests, capable of spreading devastating diseases like dengue, Zika and chikungunya and responsible for infecting millions of people with disease around the world each year," CSIRO director of health and biosecurity Rob Grenfell said in the organization's report. A warmer planet and increased urbanization are helping the mosquitoes to thrive, he added.

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Agserv Pestech 2018 Hitting the Road

Agserv’s annual Pestech Series kicks off in Adelaide on Monday July 23rd.

Pestech is a must for Pest Managers wanting to keep up with the latest in all thing pest control. This year, Pestech features special guest presenter Scott Kleinschmidt as well as presentations from Key industry manufacturers and a trade show with over 16 exhibitors.

It’s not too late to register so contact your local Agserv branch today on 1800 554 445 or sales@agserv.com.au. 

Click here to download Agserv Pestech City Series Flyer

New Field Biologist Course - Register Now!

AEPMA has been working on the development and release of a new Field Biologist Program since late 2017 and are excited to announce that the course is now open for enrolments. 

Click here to read our most Frequently Asked Questions about the course.

Bullying or Reasonable Management?

When employees are disciplined or put on a performance improvement plan, HR and line managers can be accused of bullying. This development has spooked some managers who are reluctant to act. Hence bad behaviour and poor performance is let slide, much to the chagrin of more obliging employees who suffer in silence – then often leave. 

But the Fair Work Commission has made some useful comments about the distinction between bullying and what has become known in this area, as “reasonable management action”. Given its central role in determining bullying complaints, what the FWC has to say about this is significant. 

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The Scariest Wasp of All??

Have you ever seen a wasp and thought, "Gee, I wonder how we can make these non-pollinating, human-hating demon insects even worse?"

If so, you're in luck. A group of scientists from the University of Turku in Finland have discovered a new species of wasp, and it is basically a tiny supervillain that sports an almost comically massive stinger. You can see it, protruding straight out from the otherwise normal-looking wasp body.

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Rapid Solutions General Pest Management Skillset - Register Now!

Rapid Solutions are now accepting enrolments for their General Pest Management Skillset Course, which will enable participants to gain their Pest Technician licence in all Australian states and territories except Western Australia (where they will need to complete the full Certificate III). 

Students have six months from enrolment to complete the course, which has written, photographic and video content, designed to provide different ways of gaining the knowledge required for the completion of the course.

There are limited places available though, so make sure to click here to register your expression of interest today to avoid missing out!

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