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AEPMA Conference 2018 - Have you registered yet?!
The upcoming AEPMA conference to be held on 19 September to 21 September 2018 on the Gold Coast, is just around the corner!
Highlights of the conference include:
  • A session dedicated to termites held on the first day
  • Exploring training in the industry and what we as an industry need to do to make it better
  • New ideas and methodology being discussed, which will see Pest Managers exiting the sessions with an updated understanding of the traditional drivers of a profitable pest management business
  • How to hire the right people and the importance of understanding industrial relations
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New Agserv Pest Control Supplies Branch Opens in Perth

Agserv Pest Control Supplies is excited to announce the opening of their newest branch in Perth.

Situated at 71 Boulder Road Malaga, the new branch will be open for business from Monday September 3rd, 2018. Stocked with a full range of Pest Control products and equipment and with all the brands you know and trust as well as a range of new and interesting products, Agserv Perth is your new one stop pest control shop.

With a new branch, we also welcome new staff. Richard Douglas heads up the team in Perth and brings a depth of knowledge and experience that is difficult to match. Richard is also joined by Patrick Boonnak who brings many years of customer service experience from within our industry.

Please stop by next time you are in Malaga, we’d love see you.

Contact details for Agserv Perth are:
71 Boulder Road Malaga 6090.
Telephone: 08 6556 2599
Email: perth@agserv.com.au  

To contact Richard directly:
Mobile: 0490 332 501
Email: richard.douglas@agserv.com.au

NSW and ACT State Council Update
Pestech Sydney was held in Bankstown on 25 July 2018. All the speakers were outstanding with their presentations and promoting their products (a lot of new stuff).

As AEPMA NSW ACT Chairman, I was delighted with the exposure given to the Pest Management Association by Mr Eris Hess and his Agserv team. Mr Gary Stephenson (NSW ACT delegate to the AEPMA National Board), spoke about the need for all Pest Managers to be part of the peak industry Association. Gary outlined some of the membership benefits such as the Industry codes of practice (at present there are five, with two new Codes on the way). Gary also pointed out that government authorities will negotiate and listen more to a strong Association such as AEPMA, rather than individuals. AEPMA was very influential on the last review of the Pest Management Training package and present negotiations with NSW EPA regarding licencing.

Ancient Alien Wasp Eating Victims from the Inside Out
It sounds like something out of the “Alien” movie series, but wasps that lived during the age of dinosaurs laid eggs inside fly pupae, with the wasps eating the flies from the inside out.

The study, published in the scientific journal Nature, revealed that four new wasp species were found inside fossil pupae that date back to the Paleogene period, approximately 65 million to 23 million years ago.

The female wasps would lay their eggs inside the fly pupae and as the wasps grew, they would harvest the flies’ bodies as nourishment.

The most common wasp has been named Xenomorphia resurrecta, after the parasitic Xenomorph in the Alien movie series. The other species that were found are named Xenomorphia handschini, Coptera anka and Palaeortona quercyensis

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National Termite Survey - Open to All
We’re calling on all professional pest managers to share their views in this brief but important industry survey. Your input is important in understanding your business and your business’s needs in the future. All information is completely confidential.
The survey should take less than four minutes.
German Man Calls Police on Stalking Squirrel  

A German man called police after a baby squirrel would not stop following him around, officers said.

The distraught man called Karlsruhe emergency services on Thursday and claimed he was being chased down the street by the small rodent, The Guardian reported.

Police in the southeastern German town responded to the call and found the squirrel running after the unidentified man. However, soon after police arrived on the scene, the squirrel abruptly gave up its pursuit and laid down and fell asleep, the publication reported.

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New Unpaid Family & Domestic Violence Leave Entitlements
Most employees can now take unpaid leave to deal with family and domestic violence, following a Fair Work Commission decision.
The Fair Work Commission have updated all industry and occupation awards to include a new clause about family and domestic violence. This new clause applies from the first full pay period on or after 1 August 2018.
Who does it apply to?
The new entitlement applies to all employees covered by an industry or occupation award.
It doesn't apply to employees who are:
• covered by Enterprise awards
• covered by State reference public sector awards
• covered by enterprise and other registered agreements
• award and agreement free
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WA Industry Bulletin Published

The West Australian government Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, have recently published an industry bulletin that provides guidance on developing performance solutions for housing projects. It has also been emailed out to all registered building services (builders and building surveyors), permit authorities (local governments) and the wider building industry, who are registered to receive updates. 

The department requested feedback from AEPMA which was provided and we are pleased to note, has been incorporated in some instances.

You can read the Industry Bulletin here. 

Termite Ridden Power Pole Causes Fire

An investigation into Powercor's role in the St Patrick's Day fires in south-west Victoria has found the electricity provider failed to identify a termite-riddled power pole that caused one of the blazes.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) said a fire that destroyed homes and threatened the town of Garvoc, 30 kilometres east of Warrnambool, was caused by a power pole that snapped in high winds due to decay and termite infestation.
A new report from ESV claims Powercor's inspection regime failed to identify that the pole was compromised.

"At around 9pm (on St Patrick's Day, 2018) the pole snapped and the high voltage conductor hit the ground and ignited vegetation," an ESV statement read.

"The pole had a sizeable internal cavity caused by decay and termite infestation, which reduced its capacity to withstand the wind conditions."

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Two For One Not Always the Best Deal

The current practice of one person undertaking building and pest at the same time, is creating more issues than benefits for customer and the inspectors.

Increased pressure from the property and real estate sectors in rushing through pre-purchase inspections has resulted in some building inspectors taking-on the role of pest inspectors and vice versa.

While in some cases, this approach seems logical and time efficient, specialist insurer to the pest and building sectors, Rapid Solutions, has noticed a worrying trend.

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