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Thank you to all of our members that have already renewed their AEPMA membership – we are delighted to have you on board again in 2019!

Traffic to the AEPMA website increases daily – it’s where consumers from the general public look to locate a pest manager in their area and it’s also why we urge you to let us know of any changes to your contact details.

AEPMA Professional Members can select postcodes to be attached to their profile, to indicate to consumers the service areas that they cover.  You can add or change the postcodes attached to your profile at any time and you can increase the number of postcodes attached to your account for $1 per postcode.  

If you haven’t gotten around to renewing yet, please remember that if you would like for your details to remain on our website via the Find A Pest Manager function, you will need to renew ASAP. If you can’t find your renewal notice or the dog accidentally ate it, give our head office a call or send an email to info@aepma.com.au. Don’t forget that you can also renew and access all of your membership information online via the Member Portal.
Not a member of AEPMA and interested in joining?  Click here to join online or contact the AEPMA National Office on 07 3268 4210.
Simon Richards Appointed New Managing Director at Orkin Australia

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Simon Richards to the position of Managing Director - Orkin Australia.  In this new role, Simon will assume responsibility of Orkin Australia and its family of brands throughout the country. 

Simon has been with Allpest for the last 13 years where he has continually taken on larger roles of responsibility including his most recent role as General Manager of Allpest in WA. During his most recent role, Simon has faced challenges due to the changing economy; recruiting challenges during the boom and growth hurdles during the downturn. Through all of this he has been successfully able to assemble a very strong team, who has worked cohesively together under his leadership to continue to grow the brand profitably.  I look forward to working with Simon and the team to continue to grow all of Orkin Australia in the years to come.

Simon will continue to be based out of Western Australia along with many of the National team. He will continue to work closely with the Allpest team whilst he transitions into the new role.

I hope you share my excitement for all of the opportunities and growth plans we have in front of us.  Please take time out of your day to wish Simon the best in his new role.


Matt Turek
Division President Orkin Canada, Australia and Asia

2019 BASF Termidor Accreditation

BASF Professional & Speciality Solutions will be hosting a series of Termidor® Accredited Training sessions throughout the country this year.

The refreshed course will cover all Termidor products including Termidor Foam (Stage 1), Termidor Residual and Termidor HE (Stage 2), and give you the opportunity to become listed on the Termidor website as an Accredited Termidor Applicator.

If you are interested in attending this course please click here to register your interest. Once a course near you becomes available, your local Sales Manager will be in touch.

If you require more information, please email info@termidor.com.au or contact your local Sales Manager.

FAOPMA Pest Summit 2019 - Daejeon, Korea

The FAOPMA-Pest Summit 2019 will be held in Daejeon, Korea, from the 24th to the 27th of September, 2019 with the theme ‘ONE HEALTH (Human, Animal and Environment)’.

This year’s Pest Summit is set to offer a wide variety of professional and innovative seminars, together with a focused exhibition exposing participants to the new products, technologies, tools and featuring the best speakers from Asia, Oceania and abroad. Daejeon Convention Center accommodates 3,000 persons, 4 exhibition halls and 20 meeting rooms with various accommodation options within a 7km radius.

Under the general theme "One Health" the summit will explore emerging issues and key aspects of pest management industry and offer inspiring prospects for the ever-changing pest management. Also, as many of you know, the summit provides a dynamic and interactive platform for participants to exchange cutting-edge technologies and knowledge, identify a common agenda, develop shared solutions and improve the pest management industry.

Early-bird registrations close on 31 May, 2019, so get in early and register now!

Snake vs Spider

A Deepdale resident was surprised and a little creeped out when she witnessed the aftermath of a struggle to the death in her garage.

Julie Schwarz photographed this venomous red back spider with a dead juvenile gwardar trapped in its web.

She said although it isn’t clear in the photograph, but the spider had the distinctive scarlet markings of a redback and was the size of her thumb nail.

Julie said she “got lots of wildlife” at her Deepdale home.

“It was a bit off-putting to find, but it at least the snake was dead. The spider won that race.”

A spokeswoman for Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions said the fast moving and venomous gwardar, or Western brown snake, is one of the most aggressive snakes when cornered.

Click here to read more.

Free Record Keeping Training

Good record keeping practices are vital for employers to meet their legal obligations, keep track of how their business is going and make informed decisions about the future.

Did you know that the Fair Work Ombudsman provides a free training course that will teach you how to make, update and manage employment records for your business?

The course includes:

  • guidance on when to make, update and provide records for your employees
  • advice on what to include in pay slips
  • details about your legal obligations under the Fair Work Act
  • practical tips on setting up a record-keeping system
  • links to downloadable resources and further information

​Click here to learn more.

Q and A with the QBCC

AEPMA headquarters have received a number of enquiries relating to the requirements of operating in Queensland and whether or not operators need to be licenced with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

On behalf of our members, we contacted the QBCC with the typical questions we are asked and received the following responses, that we hope will help you in your daily business activities.

Click here to see their answers.

World's Biggest Bee Found

An international team of scientists and conservationists has announced the finding of what many consider to be the 'holy grail' of bee discoveries -- Wallace's giant bee.

The bee (Megachile pluto) is the world's largest, with a wingspan more than six centimetres (2.5 inches). Despite its conspicuous size, the bee has been lost to science since 1981.

In January, a search team that set out to find and photograph Wallace's giant bee successfully rediscovered the species in the North Moluccas, an island group in Indonesia. The find resurrects hope that more of the region's forests still harbour this very rare species. The discovery was announced today.

A member of the team, Honorary Professor Simon Robson from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Sydney, said: "Amid such a well-documented global decline in insect diversity it's wonderful to discover that this iconic species is still hanging on."

Dr Robson and Dr Glen Chilton, an honorary professor at Saint Mary's University in Canada, joined with Eli Wyman from Princeton University and Clay Bolt, a conservation photographer from Montana, to successfully rediscover this bee. The team was supported by Global Wildlife Conservation, an Austin, Texas, based organisation that runs a Search for Lost Species program.

"It was absolutely breathtaking to see this 'flying bulldog' of an insect that we weren't sure existed anymore," said Clay Bolt, a natural history photographer specialising in bees, who took the first photos and video of the species alive after spending years researching the right habitat with collaborator and team member, Eli Wyman from Princeton University.

Click here to read more.
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  • SAVE THE DATE! Rapid Solutions Conference (RACV Royal Pines, Gold Coast) – 8-11 August 2019
  • FAOPMA Pest Summit 2019 (Daejeon, Korea) – 24-27 September 2019 

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