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AEPMA National Office - Update
Dear Members,
Welcome the June 2020 edition of the AEPMA Newsletter.
We are now nearly halfway through the year and I think we will all remember the first 6 months of 2020.  However, it looks like we are taking small steps towards normality as some of the restrictions are being lifted.  Hopefully it won’t be long until everything is back to normal.
In this month’s edition, we have updates from the AEPMA Branch AGM’s.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those who have been voted in as Branch Chair and National Delegates.  Also, thank you to everyone who attended via teleconference.
Please remember that nominations are open for Pest Manager of the Year don’t delay in sending in your nomination forms!  The deadline is 1st July.  Nominations may be returned via email to info@aepma.com.au
AEPMA have also been working on a submission to the APVMA regarding their review of rodenticide.  This was submitted to the APVMA on the 21st May. Thank you to all involved with this project.  More information may be found in this newsletter.
Over the last few weeks we have had a working group putting together Industry Guidelines on Disinfection.  This document is available to current AEPMA members and may be found here.  I would like to thank everyone who was involved. 
The overriding aim of this Guideline is to provide a document that benchmarks and describes ‘best practice’ for disinfection programs to surfaces. In developing and documenting best practice, consideration has been given to both current and future challenges that the professional pest management industry may face when implementing disinfection programs. More specific aims for this Guideline are to: 
  • Improve disinfection practices throughout Australia for the benefit of public health, food security, and the protection of the environment; and 
  • Develop responsible practices for the use of disinfectants.
You may have seen an increase in our social media posts on Facebook and Linkedin.
Thank you to the following companies who offered to sponsor AEPMA’s social media campaign
• Corteva
• Agserv
• Termguard
• Rapid Solutions
• Bayer
As always, we are looking for any interesting articles to add into our upcoming newsletters so, if you would like to see your name in print please contact our National Office via email info@aepma.com.au
Please note that AEPMA have updated the newsletter editorial guidelines.  Further information may be found here 
Thank you for your continued support, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Vasili Tsoutouras
AEPMA - Annual General Meeting updates
Queensland Branch AGM
The AEPMA Queensland branch held their AGM on Thursday 21st May via phone teleconference.  
Read more here
NSW / ACT – Patrick Legey (Chairman)
The AEPMA NSW ACT State Council AGM was held on 18 May 2020 at 4.00 pm. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the meeting was held by teleconference.
Read more here
South Australia – David Lavender (Secretary)
The AGM of the South Australian AEPMA Branch was held on Monday 1st June at 4pm via teleconference.  Thank you to all who attended. 
Read more here
Pest Manager of the Year
Entries are now open for the 2020 Pest Manager of the Year Awards. Organisted by AEPMA and proudly sponsored by both AEPMA and BASF.
“BASF are proud to be supporting the Pest Manager of the Year awards for its 10th consecutive year,” says David Elmouttie, BASF Business Manager for Professional & Specialty Solutions. 
“BASF continue to applaud all those whom are nominated for embodying the progressive values which we at BASF share and practice in our own business. Each year, we are a witness to an impressive range of entries, showcasing companies with a genuine commitment to keep raising the standard of service within the Pest Control Business at every level.”

If you would like to nominate for Pest Manager of the Year please click on the link below.  The categories are as follows:

A Pest Management Firm employing more than 10 people

A Pest Management Firm with less than 10 people

Micro Business Award - less than 3 people

South Pacific Pest Manager of the year

Further information and entry guidelines are available here

AEPMA - Annual General Meeting

AEPMA members – The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association will be held via teleconference on Monday 29th June at 9am AEST.

Agenda, proxy forms, Financial Report and minutes from the previous AGM may be found here

APVMA-Consultation on use patterns for anticoagulant rodenticide

The APVMA has asked for feedback regarding “consultation on use patterns for anticoagulant rodenticide”

The key issues they have raised are:

Products considered anticoagulant rodenticides have been prioritised for reconsideration on the basis of concerns for worker exposure, public health and environmental safety.

Professional Women in Australian Pest Managment
During these unprecedented times, the PWAPM understands that now is a time for us to all stand together and support each other through this global pandemic and possible global economic recession. For this reason, our committee has decided to defer all renewals for membership until 1st November 2020.

For all existing members this will mean your renewal will not be due until 1st November 2020.

If you are looking to join the PWAPM you would not be charged a membership fee until 1st November 2020.

If you have just paid your renewal your next renewal will not be charged until the 1st November 2021.

We hope that by offering this support to our members that everyone can stay focused on what is important "Keeping our businesses on track".

The PWAPM is here to support and guide women through the pest industry. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our committee, the Facebook group or join one of our Zoom Networking Sessions.

PWAPM – would like to invite you to:

Marketing with No Money 

with Mia Bartos from Sundew Solutions 

Date: Thursday 11th June 
Time: 7pm AEST

Please click on the link below to book:


In this networking session Mia will examine a few techniques to help you stay connected to your customers and that are budget friendly.

Are you taking advantage of free marketing opportunities?
Is your website up to date?

How to analyse Facebook insights

Creating fun introduction videos with your team for your website/socials.

Syngenta - Demand Duo Insecticide

Syngenta has announced the launch of Demand Duo insecticide, an exciting new product that offers a combination of two powerful actives, thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin, in a unique ZC formulation. 

“This is the first ZC formulation in Australia, combining a suspension concentrate (SC) and capsule suspension (CS). Together, these two actives deliver powerful knockdown and excellent residual control for up to 90 days on a wide range of pests,” explained James Hotten, business manager for Syngenta.

Click here to read more

COVID-19: new disinfectants for the ‘new normal’ 

Even before the advent of (COVID-19) there were always products available for disinfecting of commercial, industrial and other premises. 

Previous experiences with infectious outbreaks such as SARS and MERS however laid the groundwork for globally focussed companies to improve disinfection technology, and since the (COVID-19) pandemic there has been a proliferation of products targeted towards preventing the transmission of the virus.  

Click here to read more 
Finding Solutions in the Era of COVID-19

With the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 impacting the world on many levels, a dire need has arisen for a scientifically reliable, safe, highly effective, everyday use surface disinfectant.  

“Looking at the scientific consensus of active ingredients believed to be effective only a short list of products fit the bill,” said David Priddy, owner of Sundew Solutions.  “Hydrogen peroxide attracted out attention due to its safety, efficiency as a disinfectant, and speed of control.”

Click here to read more

US Disease Control Centre issues aggressive rodent warning 
Humans aren't the only ones hankering for the days they could dine out at their cities' restaurants: the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention warns that rats are becoming increasingly brazen in their hunt to find new food sources.

Amid stay-home restrictions set across the US to battle the spread of coronavirus, many restaurants and cafes are closed or limited to take-out and delivery, and with the reduced sales, the restaurants' rubbish bins are no longer overflowing with those leftovers on which hordes of rodents feasted. Finding slimmer pickings than they used to, rats are more aggressive, prompting the centre to issue guidance on how to deter them.

Read more here 
Credit – Sydney Morning Herald 
Fire Ant Zones - Changes are coming to biosecurity zones and requirements

Welcome to our one-stop shop — where you will find everything you need to know about changes to South East Queensland’s fire ant biosecurity zones and their associated movement controls.

From Wednesday 27 May 2020, amendments to the Biosecurity Regulation 2016 come into effect.

Read more here

Queensland Government

Newsletter contributions/comments

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  • AEPMA Annual General Meeting 29th June at 9am AEST
  • Pest Manager of the Year nominations open
  • NSW/ACT Branch Meeting - 22nd June at 4pm
  • QLD Branch Meeting - 16th July at 9am
  • SA Branch Meeting 16th September at 4pm
  • SAVE THE DATE!!  AEPMA Conference Pesticon 2021 22nd - 24th September 2021

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