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Welcome to the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association November 2021 edition. Please read on below for more details below or visit our website for online version

AEPMA eNewsletter November 2021

Dear Member

Welcome to the November edition of the AEPMA eNewsletter.  

In this month’s edition we would like to introduce you to BugROff Pest Busters, winners of the Business Award Class 1 – “A pest management company with fewer than 10 people” in the BASF Pest Manager of the Year awards.  

This is the 2nd time BugROff have won this category.  Congratulations Steve and Rebekah!

I hope you enjoy this month’s edition of the newsletter, and as always if you have any questions or would like to submit an article for the December / January edition of the eNewsletter please email 

Kind Regards 

Vasili Tsoutouras



BASF Pest Manager of the Year – Meet Our Winners

BugROff Pest Busters – Steve Olver

Winner of our Business award Class 1 “A Pest Control Company with fewer than ten employees”

Tell us a little about BugROff Pest Busters 
"Pest Buster started in 2008 by Steve Olver, Owner/Director with a passion for the Pest Control industry. Since then, we have evolved to be a team of 7 having 4 general pest technicians, 5 timber & termite pest technicians not forgetting 3 termite detection dogs, Sherlock, Max and Missy."

How does it feel to win this category 2 years in a row? "We were really shocked; we continued to evolve and challenge ourselves in the last 12 months but honestly didn’t think it was likely to win 2 consecutive years. It was such a fantastic feeling when our name was read out during the virtual telecast. We had all the team together for dinner for the evening, so it was great to share this with them."

How was this year’s judging process?  
"They changed the judging process slightly so that only the top 3 businesses were interviewed in each category. I totally understand why they did this from the judge’s perspective, I can only imagine how exhausting it is for them"

Share your secrets!  How did you win this competition?  
"Continue to learn, ask questions from previous winners and even take the time to visit them. Be transparent, prepared and concise answering the judges questions directly."

Has winning helped your business? 
"Winning has certainly helped BugROff Pest Busters, it has given new clients confidence in engaging our services. Existing clients we have thanked personally, with cards and by radio ensuring they are a part of the award. Their business and loyalty is part of what drives us to always be better including the passion for the industry. This award has also given our team a real boost they we are not just a bush pest control business but a part of something so much bigger."

What tips would you give potential entrants for next year? 
"Enter into the awards to gain insight on how your business is viewed in comparison to others in the industry, be willing to improve and listen. Winning is an added bonus!"

APVMA Notice of Reconsideration 

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has today published a Notice of Reconsideration of anticoagulant rodenticides in the APVMA Gazette.

The reconsideration will assess the active constituent approvals, product registrations and label approvals of first generation anticoagulant rodenticides (warfarin, coumatetralyl, diphacinone) and second generation anticoagulant rodenticides (brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difenacoum, difethialone, and flocoumafen). 

This reconsideration follows the public consultation undertaken in 2020 which sought feedback from stakeholders on use patterns for anticoagulant rodenticide products. At that time the APVMA intended to undertake a label review of anticoagulant rodenticide products. However, based on the information received in response to that consultation, and emerging scientific information, it is considered that the changes possible under the proposed label review may not be able to address all of the issues raised.  Therefore the APVMA has commenced a reconsideration of anticoagulant rodenticide active constituents, products and labels, under Division 4, Part 2 of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994.

The APVMA has considered the submissions received to the public consultation and reviewed the available information to confirm the scope of assessments required to reassess current approvals and registrations.
The APVMA welcomes submissions on matters relevant to the reconsideration until 2 February 2022.  Further information about the matters being considered and the reasons for the reconsideration, as well as instructions for how to make a submission, are available in the Gazette notice. 

Please feel free to contact the chemical review team by phone (02 6770 2400) or email if you have any queries. 

Builders Be Aware

Builders and Certifiers need to be aware that not all systems promoted for the protection of new buildings from termite attack are fit for purpose. As an industry body, AEPMA recommends that builders always look for the security provided from using ABCB CodeMark® Certified systems.

AEPMA, along with input from Industry Professionals have created an information sheet, which outlines concerns regarding claims made for some Boron Compounds.

Please circulate this information sheet as you see fit.

Should you have any questions please contact the AEPMA National Office via email or please call 1300 307114.

AEPMA Branch Update


There have been a few enquiries regarding Employer responsibilities under the ‘roadmap’ released by the Premier. I thought the following summary may be a useful guide to what Employer responsibilities are regarding requesting and managing Authorised Worker’s vaccination status. In addition, it is worth noting there is no Statutory requirement currently for Service based Industries to require their customers to be vaccinated.

Firstly, the good news is that after many, many months of highly regulated rules the lockdown officially end, Thursday 21st October, 2021 11.59pm.

The curfew will end, kids are heading back to school in a staggered arrangement, hospitality will reopen albeit with density limits. We will still have to wait until we reach our next trigger point of 80% fully vaccinated for retail to be returned to normal, indicative date 29th October, 2021 (revised), but this is a welcome return of most of our liberties

However, the liberties will only be afforded to those that are and can prove their fully vaccinated status.
As an Industry all our workers are required to be Vaccinated unless they remain working from home.

Read more here



An AEPMA NSW ACT State Council meeting was held on Zoom on Monday 18 October 2021.

The meeting was well attended with 9 delegates and 4 apologies.
As usual there was a lot of discussion on the Review of the Codes of Best Practice such as Pest Management for the food Industry which is now completed and on AEPMA website.

Mr Gary Stephenson (NSW ACT delegate to the National Board) discussed the review of some of the other Codes of Best Practice and training to the Codes.

It was disappointing to see the conference again has been postponed due to …….Covid-19. I am sure you, like me, would have wanted to attend the Pesticon 2021.    Let’s hope that we will be able to attend the AEPMA Conference Pesticon (Pest Management in the Digital Age) at the Star, Gold Coast on 22-24 June 2022.

There was also discussion on the possible implications to the Urban Pest Management Industry of the proposed changes to the Agvet Chemicals Regulations - especially the possibility of national licensing of the industry and PMY Awards

Read more here

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination WA

Based on the latest health advice, a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for a majority of occupations and workforces in WA will be introduced in a phased approach.

In summary, essentially a vaccine mandate is in place in WA for Pest Control employees (most under group 2 but some under group 1)

The policy follows the existing mandates in place for workers in high-risk industries, including those interacting with people at an increased risk of being infected with COVID-19, or people who are vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19, or where it is necessary to avoid catastrophic risk to the safety of the community.

The policy’s phased approach is to apply mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for expanded industries in WA, as well as a requirement for all critical workers to be vaccinated to attend work in the event of a lockdown or similar restrictions. 

The WA Commissioner of Police has advised "if there is an outbreak, unless you're vaccinated you won't be able to go to work"

Brett Black joins Competitive Pest Services

Brett Black, who has spent time assisting AEPMA, and most of us know recently from his time at Globe Padstow office, will be making the move to join CPS as their new National Technical Manager. 

Brett’s generous nature will fit in well with the culture that CPS has spent considerable time investing. Brett is a seasoned professional with 30 years of industry experience that includes working for both Bayer and one of Australia’s largest pest control companies prior to acquisition, Amalgamated Pest Control. 

From CPS CEO, Ross McNamara:
“What excites us most about Brett is that he genuinely wants to make our team the best they can be. He knows exactly how to get the most out of them to ensure stellar technical, training and operational results. He also has an innate ability when it comes to managing the individual, which translates to increased job satisfaction, better performance and improved sales.”

Brett will hit the ground running upon linking with Competitive Pest Services as a Technical Manager. Whether that means educating our staff on up-to-date industry best practices, supporting public relations opportunities or providing quality assurance faculties, we can’t wait to see what Brett has in store for their team.

Gary Journeaux, CPS Director states: “On behalf of everyone at Competitive Pest Services, we want to welcome Brett to the CPS Family. We try to surround ourselves with passionate, progressive and motivated pest specialists.

Additionally, Brett’s wealth of knowledge, that can only be accumulated through years of hands-on expertise, will be welcome support as we balance National expansion with quality standards."

New Product - Sundew AbolishPRO, Putting the Squeeze on Roaches

Boasting a highly palatable, novel industry first bait matrix, along with potent indoxacarb active ingredient will see pest management professionals putting the squeeze on roaches in a totally new way.

“Pest managers from across Australia were very excited when Sundew launched AttractANT PRO Ant Bait Gel powered by indoxacarb, packaged in the industry’s first ready to use squeeze tube back in December 2018.  From that very first day pest management professionals wanted to know when we would bring out a roach bait gel in the same user-friendly packaging,” said David Priddy, C.E.O at Sundew Solutions.

“We already had a very popular cockroach gel – BattleaxePRO Roach Bait Gel utilising the active ingredient fipronil.  The bait in this has been modified over the past few years to provide the longest lasting palatable matrix.  In order to provide pest technicians with an alternate bait matrix meant we had to start from scratch with our product research and development,” explained David.  

“We get really excited screening different potential attractants not normally used in traditional bait products and then using our innovative formulation science to incorporate these into a versatile gel matrix.  I’m pleased to announce that we’ve succeeded in combining the lot in another industry first with AbolishPRO Roach Bait Gel,” continued David.

“The icing on the cake for pest management professionals is that we’ve packed a massive 50 grams of this cutting edge bait matrix into each of these ready-to-use squeeze tube applicators.  Technicians will be ecstatic that we’re positioning at the same price as other gels meaning that you get 66% more product for free,” said David excitedly.

“One of the other interesting research elements while developing this product is that we considered what colour the bait could be.  We actually experimented with a number of different colour options and ended up going with an eye pleasing ‘off-white’ colour.  We wanted to steer away from the baby-poo colours and bring something that end consumers wouldn’t find offensive but technicians could easily monitor when inspecting,” explained David.

The new Sundew AbolishPRO Roach Bait Gel in extra-large 50 gram easy squeeze tube applicator will be available at your local reseller in mid-November 2021 and will be an exciting upgrade for pest management professionals across Australia.  You can read more at

Summer means barbecues, swimming pools and mosquitoes!

During the summer months, mosquitoes are as common as backyard barbecues and swimming pools. Unfortunately, they bring with them not only the discomfort of the occasional bite but also the possibility of transmitting human and animal diseases. 

Knowledge about mosquito biology and habitat can help us better control these pests. Individual homeowners can play a significant role in this process, but sometimes a community effort is needed. 

Mosquitoes are members of the Order Diptera. They constitute Family Culicidae, which in Australia is represented by over 270 described species that as adults have piercing and sucking mouth parts. 

Adult female mosquitoes feed on blood, whereas adult males do not. In fact, females usually must take a blood meal as a protein source for egg development before they can lay eggs. It is their persistent search for blood that brings females into households and backyards, where they cause considerable annoyance. 

Adult mosquitoes are small primitive flies which breed in standing water and go through a complete metamorphosis, where they pass through four distinct stages i.e. egg, larval, pupal and adult. The entire process for some species can take place in as short a time as 7 to 10 days. 

Many mosquito infestations can in fact be traced to back yard containers filled with water, for example, wheelbarrows, flowerpots, cans, blocked gutters, water tanks, swings made from old car tyres and even swimming pools. All of these situations are ideal for female mosquitoes to lay eggs. 

Introducing Integrated Pest Management techniques around your home by removing, cleaning and eliminating these potential breeding sites, will reduce the risk of being bitten. With regards to a community effort, speak to your neighbours and ask them to apply the same or similar measures that you have. 

If all else fails, then a Professional Pest Controller should be introduced to apply both space and residual sprays of insecticide. 

by David Fielder, Territory Business Development Manager (PPM) – VIC/SA/TAS, Bayer.

Its clear!  Biflex Mikron is a winner  

Biflex Mikron insecticide was launched in April this year and has revolutionised the general insect control space in the Australian market. Since its launch, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with its clear formulation, ease of use, and mixing. The real positive has been its performance on hard to control pests like German cockroaches, we have received exceptional feedback from the market on its performance.

“We’ve been using Biflex Mikron a few months now and the results speak for themselves Currently we had a cafe in Brisbane CBD, with a German cockroach infestation We trialed Biflex Mikron for 3 weekly visits and on the last visit we had eliminated all cockroaches None to be seen we also educated our customer on how the chemical worked, they were super impressed, We’ll definitely be using Biflex Mikron as one of our main chemicals now"  Keith Coughlan Log Fumigation 

One of the major reasons for the success of Biflex Mikron is in the combination of the two active ingredients Acetamiprid and Bifenthrin in a Micro Emulsion formulation. The beauty of this combination is where one active may be weaker on some pests the other provides superior performance, so you get the best out of both actives in this unique clear micro emulsion.

“At Murray Pest Control Jamestown, we proudly service South Australia and the Outback. We have been using Biflex Mikron from the trial stage to the present and cannot talk highly enough of this product. Applied first flushing and follow-up service, spraying cockroaches in a commercial kitchen, the residual active is amazing, and our clients have not reported a sighting since. We have also used it as an external spray for spiders with no sign of spiders, it has even knocked down flies.

This product mixes well and the fact it doesn’t leave a stain or milky residue is a massive plus especially on the darker coloured brick and tin houses. Stays suspended once mixed, meaning we can continue spraying at any time. With mixing rates, it is also value for money.

There are a lot of formulations on the market like water dispersible granules and Suspension Concentrate products they all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, with Biflex Mikron the proven residual performance on porous and non-porous surfaces at 100% control after 16 weeks (4months) the others just don’t stand up. This should give professional pest managers the confidence of control and having satisfied customers long after they have left the job. 

If you want more information on Biflex Mikron please contact your local FMC Regional Business Manager or go to the website  Biflex Mikron – FMC 

Technical Library

Have you seen the technical education library FMC is building? They include great hints and tips and product use, such as this one on the use of Biflex Mikron on German Cockroaches.
Resources – FMC 

Win a 15L Centre Console Fridge 
To enter, simply purchase ANY FMC Biflex® product and complete the online form.

Get trained up for Summer!

Rapid Solutions’ training arm, Rapid Training, has moved to a new online portal just in time for summer enrolments.

The move was in response to student and employer feedback as the demand from pest technicians for blended learning (online plus virtual face to face) continues to rise.

Some of the key features and benefits of the new portal include:

  • Easy navigation, including for those new to the online learning environment
  • Your training is accessible anywhere, anytime on any type of device
  •  Students receive automated course reminders on deadlines and progression
  •  Employers are easily able to monitor their enrolled students’ progress
  •  Students can directly message Rapid Training’s staff, including our trainers
  • Online calendar with links to scheduled Student Support Hour and Webinars

To learn more, including hearing from our students and trainers, check out our video
Enrolment intakes are occurring weekly – visit our website 

How can you make it easier for clients to pay?

With the summer months just around the corner, the peak breeding time for pests is almost upon us. So as the bugs head indoors in search of cool spaces and water, you should hopefully see your enquiries increase. With each job you quote, you will no doubt hear some pricing objections from your clients.

Expanding your payments options will help you win more clients and reduce payment objections to stay one step ahead of any concerns over pricing. QuickFee offers a wide range of flexible payment options that suit every client’s needs. With the right payment options, you can give your clients time today while you get paid today!

If you’d like to learn more about flexible payment options, schedule a demo with one of our team to learn more.

Venomous snakes abundant in Alice Springs, keeping snake catcher busier than usual

Riddled with snakes" is not how most residents would want their home town described but Alice Springs snake catcher Rex Neindorf has some disquieting news for locals. 

Mr Neindorf, who is also director of the Alice Springs Reptile Centre, is unusually busy for this time of year thanks to bumper wildlife after plenty of rain.

Snakes, in particular, are looking for new real estate, usually where they can find mice, which are also in abundance after the rain.

Read more here


Hornet and huntsman fight to death at Perth park

A fight to the death between a hornet and a huntsman spider at an inner-city Perth park has been captured on camera.

Like something out of a David Attenborough film, the incredible video, uploaded to Instagram by @rocwalla shows the two jostling on the ground in a fight to survive at Bert Wright Park in Bayswater.

At first the hornet seems to be on top, as the spider struggles on its back. But the spider manages to find some strength and flip back onto its legs, keeping the hornet at bay.

Read more here 

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