Timber Pest (prior to purchase) user licence (up to 3 employees)
Price: $200.00    Member Price: $160.00

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This user licence is for a sole trader or a company with up to 3 employees (i.e. technicians or inspectors).

If your company has up to 10 employees, please purchase this licence first and then purchase the additional user licence below for each additional employee.

If you have more than 10 employees please contact us via info@aepma.com.au.

Timber Pest (prior to purchase) User Licence includes:

  1. Check-List for Specialist Prior To Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report
  2. Follow-Up Special-Purpose Timber Pest Inspection Report - For Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections
  3. Pre-Inspection Agreement for Prior To Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report
  4. Prior To Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report
  5. Site Mud Map - Timber Pest Inspection Report
  6. Statement Library - Timber Pest Inspection Report
  7. Standard Termite Inspection Report
  8. Microsoft Word – Instructions

The above forms reference the AEPMA, Industry Code of Best Practice for Termite Management”, 1st Edition, 1st November 2017 and include the ‘standard’ Dispute Resolution process. You need to login to get the member price.