Urban and Commercial Pest Management Industry CPD Application - Appraise a CPD Activity

Appraise a CPD Activity and agree to ensure compliance of activities with CPD Appraisal Document V10.1.0. 

Appraisal and approval must be completed prior to presentation at an event. 
Complete form 2 to apply for an activity to be appraised for CPD points. It should be completed and signed by the Author of the activity who will be responsible for keeping the content up-to-date and if appropriate, delegating to others, responsibility for presenting the activity (Delegated Activity Presenters).

Instruction for applicants:

  • This application should be submitted to a CPD Appraisal Body appointed by the PestCPD Administrator.
  • Authors and Delegated Presenters should familiarise themselves with CPD Appraisal Document Version 10.1.0.
  • Evidence documents described in various section of this form must accompany this application.
  • Undertaking given in the term "I undertake", "I will", etc., denote acceptance of responsibility to ensure that these actions are carried out by both the Author and Delegated Activity Presenters.
  • Information provided for this appraisal designated as confidential, will remain confidential to the appraisal body and auditors until the events is delivered.
  • Once appraised, this activity will be issued a unique appraisal number and will not require further appraisal provided its title and fundamental content remains unaltered.

The Author is responsible for keeping the content of this activity current. If this is done, it will remain valid indefinitely. This includes ensuring version control (i.e. that the most up to date version is presented at any given time). An activity can only earn attendees CPD points if it is provided by a registered CPD provider.

Activity details ("Activities" include presentations, course modules, lectures, instruction sessions, discussions, demonstrations and other training activities delivered alone or as part of a CPD event)
To expedite processing of this appraisal, please register online. Alternatively you can download the registration form here. (To appraise a CPD activity, you need to register as a CPD provider first.)

Guidelines for Appraisal of a CPD Activity

To have a CPD Activity appraised, the Author of the Activity must complete Form 2 and agree to the terms and conditions prescribed on the form and CPD Appraisal Document V10.1.0.

See below for further guidance on how to complete Form 2.

Activity Details:

Title of activity 
The title should be unique so the presentation can be easily identifiable and not confused with other appraised presentations.
Duration of Activity
CPD points are allocated on the basis of 8 per hour (2 per 15 minutes) or as per model points allocation.  An activity requires a minimum duration of 30 minutes.  The duration time includes time for the activity, revision task and questions.  Revision task and question time is expected to occupy approx 10 mins per hour, so as a guide, your session plan should be as follows:
30 min (4 points) = (25 mins activity (max) + 5 mins Questions/Revision)
60 min (8 points) = (50 mins activity (max) + 10 mins Questions/Revision)
90 min (12 points) = (75 mins activity (max) + 15 mins Questions/Revision)

About the Author

The Author must provide evidence that:
  • The author of the activity has sufficient knowledge of the subject;
  • The author has suitable presentation skills required to deliver or administer the activity.
This evidence is best provided in a “Capability Statement”.  This is not meant to be a detailed CV of the author, but simply a statement of their experience and reputation in this activity along with their experience and qualifications (if any) in delivery of such presentations or directing similar activities.  The designer (author) of the activity will be responsible for keeping the content up to date and, if appropriate, delegate to others responsibility for presenting the activity (Delegated Activity Presenters).

The Handout

All activities require a handout that provides a reminder and reference point for the attendee at future points in time.  An example of a handout is included in Appendix 1.  In order to meet the requirements of the appraisal system, the handout must:
Define the Aims
The aims of the presentation must be included in the handout and be obvious to the intended audience.  It is a brief statement of the outcome from the activity.
Major Points
The major points of the activity must be included in the handout and the material should enable attendees to review the material at a later date.
Contents of the Activity must demonstrate For products, the following
  • A balanced viewpoint of the topic
  • A direct relationship to pest management
  • The underlying principles and supporting data (scientific, management, financial etc) which apply
  • Specific case histories
  • Up-to-date information
  • Sources of product information
  • Mode of action information
  • Label claims and directions
  • Contra-indications
  • Risk and safety information
  • Significant scientific data to support all product claims
Author Details:    the name of the author / the contact details of the author
Date of authorship:  The date the activity was prepared

The Revision Task

Attendees must undergo some form of revision which challenges them to demonstrate:
  • That they have understood the material presented;
  • That they can reproduce critical information from the activity and/or notes.
An example of a Revision Task is included in Appendix 2.

Feedback and Critique of Presenters

The activity must include attendee assessment of appropriate aspects of the activity and presenter.

Sample Documents

Please click here to download sample documents including:
  • Appendix 1 - Accompanying Material Handout
  • Appendix 2 - Sample Revision Task
  • Appendix 3 - Presenter/Presentation Feedback Questionnaire

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