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Welcome to the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association February 2023 edition. Please read on below for more details below or visit our website for online version


AEPMA eNewsletter February 2023

Dear Member,

Welcome to the February edition of the AEPMA eNewsletter.

I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of our valued members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. Your support and dedication to the pest management industry are truly appreciated.

As we continue to strive towards a sustainable and safe environment, we are committed to providing the tools and resources necessary for our members to achieve their goals and succeed in their careers.

We have exciting plans for the year ahead, and I encourage all members to actively participate in our events and initiatives. Whether you are interested in professional development, networking opportunities or contributing to industry discussions, we have something for everyone.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you and to continuing to build a strong and vibrant association.

Best Wishes

Vasili Tsoutouras



AEPMA Sustainability Award 

We are pleased to announce that the new Sustainability Award (sponsored by Ensystex) was launched on the 30th January.  

The aim of this award is to encourage and recognise professional pest managers who also are working towards creating more sustainable businesses, and most importantly, to let the general public see how we really can be environmental pest managers. 

The award recipient will be recognised as the elite of our industry, earning a place amongst a distinguished group by having their achievements acknowledged and widely celebrated.

Further details regarding the Sustainability Award can be found here


Planning is well underway and already Pesticon 2023 is shaping up to be bigger and better than last!  This year’s conference will be held on 16-18 August 2023 at The Star, Gold Coast, QLD.  

The key message for the conference is “What Customers Want” – and will provide an unequalled opportunity to understand the pest management business and customer expectations.  Defining the types of customer needs to look for, unpacking the common barriers that prevent companies from fulfilling their customers' needs, and solutions to start improving customer service.  

We are thrilled to announce, Mark McCrindle, expert demographer, social researcher, best-selling author and influential thought leader as our keynote presenter. 

Mark’s highly valued social commentary is presented through his engaging keynotes, research, reports, infographics, videos and media input.  He is recognised globally as coining the name for the emerging generation, Generation Alpha and is the author of five books on emerging trends and social change.

This exciting event is filled with education and knowledge, practical tips and advice, and along with our special social events, provides an ideal learning and networking opportunity.  Whether your business is large or small, Pesticon 2023 will give your business a winning edge.  Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new ways to deliver your services to the public.

Don’t delay! Secure your place early - BOOK NOW & SAVE!!  It’s an event not to be missed!!!   For further details regarding the conference, and to register online, simply visit the AEPMA Conference Website

We look forward to seeing you at the Gold Coast!

Thank you to our major sponsors
• Agserv
• Ensystex
• Envu
• Rapid Solutions
• Sentricon
• Sundew Solutions 
• Syngenta

AEPMA Membership 2023/2024

The renewal invoices have been sent to all members.  If you have not received your renewal invoice please contact the AEPMA National office 


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Industry Portal
  3. Log in with your username and password (valid for current members)
  4. Click on “Manage My Account”, then go to “Memberships”, click  on “Renew/Upgrade” button 
  5. Fill in the online payment form
  6. Your membership will automatically be updated

IMPORTANT – Check your profile details and amend if necessary.

Pest Manager of the Year 2023 – Nominations opening soon

AEPMA and BASF are excited to announce that the nominations for Pest Manager of the Year 2023 will be opened from 1st March - 31st May.

Categories for the 2023 competition are as follows:
Business Award (Two Classes) **

  • Pest Management firms employing 10 or more people
  • Pest Management firms employing fewer than 10 people

**The National Pest Manager of the Year will be awarded from nominees in these two categories. 

  • Micro Business - Pest management businesses with fewer than 3 employees.
  • South Pacific Pest Manager of the Year - Open to AEPMA member businesses both large and small operating in the South Pacific Region.

The top 3 companies from each category will be selected based on their written application and their website material and will progress to the judging stage of the competition.

Nominations will close on the Wednesday 31st May 2023 with winners being announced at the 2023 Pesticon Conference in August.  

“BASF are proud of our continued support of the Pest Manager of the Year awards since 2010” says David Elmouttie, BASF Head of Professional & Specialty Solutions. 

“We believe it’s extremely important to recognise and reward businesses that show outstanding commitment to the pest management industry and go above and beyond to deliver quality services.

Each year we receive an impressive range of entries and are excited to be involved in the process once again to discover the amazing contributions being made by pest management businesses that are helping our industry grow, evolve and thrive.”

Further details will be announced shortly.

Agserv Member Offer 


SA International Women’s Day celebration.

Dear AEPMA members of South Australia

In conjunction with the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, the Australian Women’s Pest Management Association is thrilled to offer ten women in the Pest Management Industry the incredible opportunity to attend the Showcase SA International Women’s Day celebration.

Thanks to the generous support of Allstate Pest Control, ticket costs will be covered in full.

To be held at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide on Wednesday, 8th March, Showcase SA will celebrate this hallmark day by gathering some of South Australia’s most inspiring women in the wine industry.

Join us for lunch as we shine a light on these incredible women and hear their stories of achieving incredible feats, even against the odds. Let’s all embrace equity today and always.

For more information about this amazing event and speakers, visit

We’d appreciate it if you could please forward this invitation to all the women involved in your business. 

Whatever role they play in the industry, if they’re interested in enjoying an afternoon in the company of women who share their passion in the field of Pest Control, we’d love to hear from them!

To express interest, please click here to complete the online EOI Form prior to 15th February 2023. 

Submissions will be judged on merit based on the applicant's responses.  Successful applicants will be notified by 22/02/2023.


Ensystex - ATTRATHOR

ENSYSTEX’s secret weapon ATTRATHOR uses stealth and attraction to neutralise cockroaches, playing a clever game of deception and attraction. The femme fatale of liquid insecticides is a world first, with advanced micro-encapsulated attractant combined with micro-encapsulated, undetectable, fipronil, the active you know and trust.

A key feature of this product is the quick release insect attractant micro-capsules. These are tiny 2 μ solid-core capsules which contain the unique cockroach attractant in a matrix within a polymer shell. These tiny micro-capsules have a large surface area relative to their volume, which allows for the quick release of the attractant. The attractant diffuses out through the polymer shell, quickly luring the cockroaches to the ATTRATHOR Target Zone™.

Larger, 35 – 55 μ, liquid-core capsules contain the active fipronil. These capsules have a finer polymer shell and trapped within the liquid fipronil core, are tiny bubbles of CO2. These pressurise the capsules, ensuring that when the insect contacts them, the capsules burst open, releasing the deadly fipronil within. These micro-capsules control the release of the fipronil to ensure maximum residual performance. The larger size also ensures improved performance on porous surfaces.

Death occurs through either contact action - as the fipronil passes into the cockroach through the cuticle; stomach action - as the cockroach grooms itself and breaks or removes the active micro-capsules laced with fipronil; or through the Viral Transfer Effect™ - where the cockroaches pass the active micro-capsules onto other cockroaches when they socialise. The Viral Transfer Effect™ leads to the kill of more cockroaches.

The micro-encapsulation protects the fipronil, slowly releasing it over time, providing up to three months of control. ATTRATHOR provides quick elimination. Typically, within 24 hours, there will be a significant reduction in pest numbers.

ATTRATHOR is an easy to apply through traditional spray equipment targeted into cockroach harbourages. ATTRATHOR can partner, or replace, gel bait technology.

To find out more information and receive this month’s ENSYSTEX cockroach bait ATTRATHOR bonus, register your interest via email or phone 13 35 36. 

Offer 1

Purchase a bottle of 500 mL ATTRATHOR™ Targeted Insecticide and receive a bonus Cockroach Kit FREE* consisting of a carton of ZENITHOR™ Gel Cockroach Bait, plus a pack of 10 BLATTATHOR Cockroach Traps.

Offer 2

Purchase 2 bottles of 500 mL ATTRATHOR™ Targeted Insecticide and receive a bonus Large Cockroach Kit FREE* consisting of a carton of ZENITHOR™ Gel Cockroach Bait, plus´╗┐ a carton of BLATTATHOR® ULTRA Gel Cockroach Bait, plus a pack of 10 BLATTATHOR® Cockroach Traps, and a kit of 25 BLATTATHOR® Insect Monitor Traps with 100 Glueboards.

Offer 3

Purchase 2 bottles of 250 mL, ATTRATHOR™ Targeted Insecticide and receive a bonus Cockroach Kit FREE* consisting of a carton of ZENITHOR™ Gel Cockroach Bait, plus´╗┐ a pack of 10 BLATTATHOR® Cockroach Traps.

Offer 4

Purchase 4 bottles of 250 mL ATTRATHOR™ Targeted Insecticide and Receive a bonus Large Cockroach Kit FREE* consisting of a carton of ZENITHOR™ Gel Cockroach Bait, plus a carton of BLATTATHOR® ULTRA Gel Cockroach Bait, plus a pack of 10 BLATTATHOR® Cockroach Traps, and a kit of 25 BLATTATHOR® Insect Monitor Traps with 100 Glueboards. 

* While stocks last. Maximum of five purchases only of each offer. Offer ends 27 February 2023.

Final chances to Win a YETI DayTrip lunch box

We are in the final month of competition, for your chance to win a fresh-for-hours, easy-to-clean DayTrip® lunch box, your one-way ticket to packing a lunch you’ll look forward to, loaded to the gills with insulation power, engineered with a water-resistant exterior, and built with a rock-solid form factor so it holds its own when riding in backpacks and bags, and valued at over $100, make sure you get your entries in!

To enter, simply purchase ANY FMC Biflex® product and complete the online form. Current Offers & Promotions – FMC


Termidor celebrates 20 years with local community treat

On the picturesque shores of the New South Wales Central Coast lies Spencer, a small village positioned at the junction of the Hawkesbury River and Mangrove Creek. 

Alongside a general store and small museum, in the heart of the community - both physically and metaphorically - stands Spencer Community Hall, a vital part of the village’s social structure.

"This hall is the meeting place for the community; whether in good or bad times, the hall brings everyone together,” explains Robyn Downham, local resident and president of Spencer Community Hall. 

The hall hosts a range of community events, from BBQs to meetings, dances, local bands, even bingo nights. More importantly, in times of crisis it acts as a safe haven for those who have nowhere else to go. 

“During the catastrophic bushfires of 2020, some of the residents' homes had a power outage, and this is where almost 100 of them started to enjoy some of the basic amenities we sometimes take for granted, like having a shower and cooking a meal. This hall witnessed it all," Robyn adds.

Having survived recent bushfires and four floods since February 2020 alone, the building was starting to display signs of wear. When local pest controller Paul de Haan of Central Pest Control learned of BASF’s Termidor® Trust Fund, he could think of no better beneficiary. 

“To celebrate 20 years of Termidor® leading the way in Australian termite treatments, we established a platform called Termidor® Trust Fund, where pest controllers were invited to submit entries and nominate a community deserving of a termite treatment,” explains Andrew Glenn, National Key Account Manager with BASF Pest Control. 

“When we read Paul’s application, we were able to understand just how important Spencer Community Hall is to the local populace and were delighted to select it as one of the deserving winners of the $4,000 prize,” he said. 

Prone to mould caused by poor ventilation, it was feared that the structure, which was initially built in the 80s, might be suffering from significant termite damage. Upon inspecting the building, Paul and his team found a termite mound that fortunately hadn't been disturbed. The mound and building were subsequently treated with Termidor® SC termiticide to provide termite protection for many years to come. 
Following the successful treatment, Spencer Community Hall is now ready to host the many local events Robyn is hoping to continue seeing in 2023 and beyond.

“After what we had with COVID and floods, a lot of things have change, but we are very optimistic and have already made some exciting plans for next year!” 

“We were overjoyed when we were announced as one of the winners and very grateful to Paul for sending the entry for us. We would like to thank Termidor® for providing this opportunity to have this treatment done; there is no way we could have afforded it. This way, we can safeguard the hall and the heart of our community life for many years to come.

BASF - Seclira 

Industry update – what we’re seeing

As the sole insurer dedicated to the pest management industry, we’re talking to our clients every day about what’s happening in their businesses -you could say we hear and see it all. Here are the key trends we’re watching closely as 2023 unfolds.

Labour shortages and wages pressure
Businesses are still working hard to recruit new starters and experienced technicians, in all regions across the country.

The upward pressure on wages is fueling a trend of sole operators returning to the employed workforce, telling us they can earn more money without the stress and hassles of business ownership.

Generational shifts
Experienced technicians and business owners who are seeking retirement after decades in the industry are hanging up their boots, many without passing the business on to family members or a purchaser. What a loss of knowledge for our future generations of pesties!

For those leaving the industry, whether its to seek other work, return to wages or retire, there’s a long running trend where these business owners don’t take runoff insurance. This means they’re not protected against claims for their past work. 

Learn from a client of ours who recently did take a run-off policy before retiring, only to have not one but two personal injury claims against him in subsequent months alleging negligence in a property inspection he’d performed some two years earlier! He has the peace of mind in retirement that he’s protected by his insurance for the costs of defending these claims.

Less disposable household income
We all know the importance of keeping up regular maintenance on properties, including protection against pest infestation and termite attack. After the increased uptake for pest management during COVID, when people were at home more, came the fall, as people returned to work and increased costs of living started to bite. Many of our clients are already feeling the pinch with less work in urban pest management and termite treatments and inspections. Less work fuels competition and drives prices for pest control down – and none of us want a race to the bottom. 

A long standing trend continues for claims against inspectors for Pre-Purchase pest reports and termite management. Due to their typical high value and complexity, many of the these become litigated, but most settle before reaching the courtroom.

In Pre-Purchase inspections we’re still seeing the most common scenario being alleged missed termite damage in roof spaces or subfloor. These inspectors would likely tell you their key learning is to take more time in these areas, get plenty of photographs (and review them up close before finalizing your report) and ensure your warnings about termite risk, including conducive conditions and recommendations are clear, consistent and appropriate to the condition of the property.

We’ve got a range of blogs on our website with case studies, tips and guides for pest managers, you can check them out here


New StarrdustPRO Grab-N-Go Pack

Sundew Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a new pack size in its StarrdustPRO range – a 2 kg Grab-n-Go Convenience Pack.

StarrdustPRO Industrial Strength Insecticidal Dusting Powder features a double strength permethrin 40:60 cis as well as the insect growth regulator, triflumuron. As well as being registered against the common urban pests, it is registered for use against four pests not found on other dust labels in Australia: millipedes, slaters, clothes moths and darkling beetles, making it the most comprehensive product label for dusts.

The new StarrdustPRO Grab-n-Go pack has a rugged laminated plastic exterior comprising three layers of protective material and a resealable zip-lock at the top. Inside the bag is a second tied bag featuring a silver metalised layer. These features keep StarrdustPRO fresh for a long period of time and protect against oxygen and moisture, ensuring the dust is perfectly dry.

For added convenience, the StarrdustPRO Grab-n-Go pack has a tough hand grip for safe and easy carrying.

Sundew Solutions introduced this new pack at the request of reseller partners and pest management professionals from across Australia looking for a convenient ‘intermediate’ no-fuss pack size.  It is great for single operators, stock management, or budget conscious buyers.  

“With the price of fuel today some technicians are looking for every way to reduce the amount of weight being carried in their vehicles,” explained David Priddy, CEO Sundew Solutions.  “The new Grab-n-Go Convenience pack is a great option that is easy on the pocket.”

StarrdustPRO 2 kg Grab-n-Go Convenience Pack is MADE IN AUSTRALIA and is available now from Agserv, Garrards, David Grays and Globe Pest Solutions.  Visit to find out more.

Virus warning as mosquito numbers explode

The potentially fatal Murray Valley encephalitis virus was detected in a mosquito in far west of NSW on Wednesday, prompting a warning from NSW Health to avoid being bitten.

The infected mosquito was detected in the Darling River town of Menindee, most likely related to recent floods and rain in the area, NSW Health said.

Mosquitoes spread the virus to humans from infected animals, such as waterbirds including herons and egrets.
The disease cannot pass from one human to another, and people cannot catch the virus by touching an infected animal or eating animal products.

Many people infected with Murray Valley encephalitis do not experience any symptoms, although some will develop a severe infection and the virus can cause neurological problems in rare cases, Health Protection NSW executive director Richard Broome said.

Read more here 


How “mutant' tiger snakes on remote Tasmanian island became more venomous and 'twice as big' as their relatives across Australia

A tiny island just off the coast of Tasmania has been taken over by 'mutant' tiger snakes, growing to twice the size of their Australian relatives.

The island of Mount Chappell, also known as Hummocky and located in the Bass Strait, is said to be home to Australia's largest and most venomous tiger snakes, who hunt birds and have made the island their own.

The giant snakes are twice as big as their relatives on the mainland and for Tasmanians are a thing of folklore, many of whom share mythical stories about historic encounters with the mammoth reptiles.

Read more here 

Credit - Daily Mail 

Invasive ant species spreading in Queensland, sparking eradication trial

One of the world's most invasive species is getting a foothold in Queensland's south-east, sparking a new trial to eradicate it from the suburbs.

Yellow crazy ants, which are about five millimetres long and a yellow, brownish colour, can spit acid to blind their prey and pose a major threat to native animals and plants.

The species has been in Australia for two decades and, left uncontrolled, can be devastating to native fauna and crops.

Read more here 

Credit - 9News

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  • Pesticon 2023 - 16th - 18th August @ Star Gold Coast 
  • Pesticon 2024 - 14th - 16th August @ Star Gold Coast 
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