AEPMA Sustainability Award

We have one planet and one Australia. Almost every action we make on a day-to-day basis affects Australia’s future, and that of the world we live in.

AEPMA’s vision for the Australian pest management sector is for an industry that is clean, healthy, and sustainable.

AEPMA’s objective is to encourage the protection and enhancement of the quality of the Australia’s natural and urban environments, maintaining a balance with economic and social values, and the needs of future generations.

To encourage these visions, AEPMA is pleased to announce the ‘AEPMA Sustainability Award’, which is proudly sponsored by Ensystex Australia.

The AEPMA Sustainability Award recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices, and positive community engagement.

The Award acknowledges businesses who have developed and implemented cleaner initiatives that have delivered measurable improvements in preventing pollution, conserving energy and water, minimising waste, and maximising resource efficiency.

The AEPMA Sustainability Award will celebrate the pest management industry’s transition to a circular, net-zero and climate-resilient economy.

The award recipient will be recognised as the elite of our industry, earning a place amongst a distinguished group by having their achievements acknowledged and widely celebrated.

Ensystex’s vision is to be the 'first choice for environmentally responsible, effective, long-term pest management solutions'.

The AEPMA Sustainability Award is an annual event run by AEPMA and sponsored by Ensystex Australasia to promote sustainability in the wider pest management industry.


  • To promote the professionalism of the pest management industry as an early adopter of sustainable and ethical business practices to government, the community, environmental groups and, other stakeholders;
  • To highlight the professionalism and ethical standards of the pest management industry to the public;
  • To drive the professional pest management industry to adopt more sustainable business practices; and
  • To encourage learning and increased professionalism of the pest management industry.

Profile projects, initiatives or activities within the Australian professional pest management industry that drive sustainable change or external programs that improve the engagement or outcomes for communities and partners with respect to ‘green’ initiatives.


The professional pest management industry benefits from the Sustainability Award, by bringing attention to companies that have initiated procedures, practices, and policies to ensure their company, services, and products, are more sustainable protecting our future and thus bring attention to the wider pest management industry of the importance of implementing sustainable practices.

2024 Entry Rules

How the Award Scheme Will Operate

Sponsoring organisations:

  • Ensystex Australasia


In order to be eligible for the Award, an applicant must be a licensed and practising pest management company in Australia.

Any pest management firm operating in Australia is eligible to enter regardless of AEPMA membership.

Current AEPMA Board members (Directors) are not eligible to enter any AEPMA competition or award if they are an owner, director, or part of the senior branch management team that is entering the competition or award.


Nomination and Application Process

Nominations can come from any firm within the urban and commercial pest management industry in Australia.


Selection Criteria

Submissions should be for a project or initiative that results in measurable improvements in any or all of the following areas: energy efficiency, water conservation, resource efficiency, waste minimisation, and that results in positive benefits to the pest management sector or has flow-on benefits to the wider community.

Applications must include:

  • Completed application form submitted online – see below in “Submission of Entries”

Submission of Entries

Entry forms should be completed by COB 31st May 2024 to the AEPMA National Office. The submission can only be completed online.

Online Submission

Enter via the link below, you will receive a confirmation email once you have registered your business and contact details. This email will contain an entry link, from which you will be able to view and edit your submission until it has been completed and submitted.

AEPMA Sustainability Award Nomination


30 January 2024 – Nominations Open
31 May 2024 – Nominations Close
June 2024 – Judging
August 2024 – Winner Announced at Pesticon 2024


  • The judging panel will consist of four members – one AEPMA member, one Ensystex representative, one industry independent and one outside industry independent.
  • All entries will be judged together based on their written submissions
  • The overall winner of the AEPMA Sustainability Award will be the company with the highest score.

Prizes and Presentation

Prizes and incentives may include the following:

  • Prize determined each year by the Sponsors and AEPMA National Board.

Public Relations Program

Industry journals will be encouraged to cover the award and winner.

A Press Release will also be released nationally detailing the Award winner, including social media activities.

Feedback to Entrants

Feedback will be provided to entrants showing the highest score for each question, the average score per question and the entrant’s score. In this way, feedback is provided to entrants. All feedback is confidential to individual applicants.

AEPMA reserves the right to reject any nomination, entrant, or applicant, unconditionally and without justification or recourse.