AEPMA Life Members

Before AEPMA was formed in 1988, each state had its own association:-

United Pest and Weed Control Association of Western Australia
United Pest Control Association of South Australia
Pest and Weed Control Association of Victoria
United Pest Control Association (ACT)
Pest Control Association of New South Wales
Pest Controllers Association of Queensland

Representatives of each association met under the umbrella group known as CAPCA – the Council of Australian Pest Control Associations.   The monthly magazine was called Pestalk.

From Pestalk September 1987 issue:

The main objectives of the new association would be:

“To promote and develop the pest control service industry in Australia and co-ordinate its activities so that it may serve, to the fullest possible extent, the best interests of the Industry and the Australian community.”

It will give all those willing to contribute energy and effort

“every  possible opportunity to do so, with the fewest rules and restrictions, so that the whole industry and the Australian community will benefit.”

AEPMA was formed in 1988.  Most of the members of the state associations joined the new national association.

To achieve desired outcomes many people give a lot of thought, consultation, discussion and time.  Most of the work done for AEPMA is voluntary.  Fourteen people have been recognised with Life Membership for their outstanding service to the industry. 

Ross Blackmore
Frank Bonney - Deceased (1928 - 2012)
Barry Collins
Alan Evered
Geoff Hawes
Roland Hovey
Doug Howick (Deceased)
Brian Inall
John McCarron
Peter Meadows
Greg Moon
Tom Nicol (Deceased)
Ion Staunton
Malcolm Trotter