Timber Pest Inspectors Registrar

The Australian Timber Pest Inspectors Register is an independent initiative of AEPMA and helps consumers find a qualified, experienced and professional timber pest inspector who will provide an inspection, and subsequent report, in accordance with the Prior To Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Code of Practice.

A Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report is designed to help potential property purchasers make an informed purchase decision. 

Only registered timber pest inspectors are qualified to conduct prior to purchase timber pest inspections and are required to undergo specific national competency training relating to timber pests in addition to completing at least two years practical experience before applying for registration. 

The Prior To Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Code of Practice sets achievable outcomes for timber pest inspectors in the delivery of services to their clients and can also help to inform clients about what they can expect from their inspection. 

Disputes have been problematic in the area of timber pest inspections due in part to expectations of clients not being met, so it is always advisable to direct clients to this code of practice prior to entering into a service agreement. 

Timber pest inspectors are also required to have specific public indemnity and professional liability insurance to protect both themselves and their clients. 

To find about more about the qualifying to become a timber pest inspector and joining the Australian Timber Pest Inspectors Register please contact us on 1300 307 114.