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Welcome to the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association June 2023 edition. Please read on below for more details below or visit our website for online version


AEPMA eNewsletter June Edition 

Join the Campaign to Fund Life-Saving Medical Expenses

You may have heard the distressing news about our dear colleague and AEPMA NSW Chairperson, Kylee Enwright. In an unfortunate turn of events during a recent family holiday in Thailand, Kylee is now in a critical condition.

The impact of this unexpected event has shaken Kylee's family, particularly her husband Paul, as they navigate through this incredibly challenging time. Compounding their difficulties are the mounting medical bills, limited access to their finances, and the need to remain in Thailand until all expenses are settled. Additionally, their Pest Management business is now operating without their guidance and support.

As many of you know, Kylee has been an exceptional leader in the pest management industry, and her dedication and inspiration have greatly contributed to our community. Her unwavering commitment to our industry has earned her the respect and admiration of those who have had the privilege of knowing her personally. Now, it is our turn to rally together and extend our support during her time of need.

To assist Kylee and Paul in their current situation, Paul, Jeanette, and Olivia Kennedy of Wise Pest Control (Blue Mountains) have set up a GoFundMe campaign.

Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on their ability to cover overseas medical expenses and alleviate the tremendous stress and anguish they are currently facing.

The hospital bill has already reached $50,000 AUD and is estimated to increase by $5,000 AUD per day while Kylee remains hospitalised. Moreover, the quotes for air ambulance services from Phuket to Sydney are approximately $200,000 AUD. Our primary concern is to bring Kylee back to Australia under the Australian healthcare system, where she can receive the best possible care and increase her chances of recovery. However, the financial burden of achieving this is overwhelming, and her family are in dire need of support.

Even if you are unable to make a financial contribution, please consider spreading the word about this fundraiser within your network.

Your support in raising awareness can make all the difference.

Let us come together as a united pest management community to support our friend and colleague, Kylee Enwright, during this extraordinarily difficult time. Your generosity and solidarity will provide comfort and assistance to Kylee, Paul, and their family.

Thank you for your kind consideration and for being a part of our supportive community.

Kind regards,


Vasili Tsoutouras



Have you registered for Pesticon 2023?  Earlybird pricing ends 30 June

Pesticon 2023 - “What Customers Want”, being held on 16-18 August 2023 at The Star Gold Coast, is just around the corner – tickets are selling fast!!  

With Earlybird pricing ending 30 June, now’s the time to register and join us for this ideal learning and networking opportunity – REGISTER NOW

Pesticon 2023 will provide an unequalled opportunity to understand the pest management business and customer expectations.  Defining the types of customer needs to look for, unpacking the common barriers that prevent companies from fulfilling their customers' needs, and solutions to start improving customer service. 

Highlights of the program include:

  • Keynote presentation from renowned social researcher and futurist Mark McCrindle, recognised as a leader in tracking emerging issues and social trends.  Mark will enlighten us on “How to engage with the Consumer”.
  • Interactive Marketing Workshop – understanding the buying behaviour and psychology of your customers will give you a huge advantage over your competition.  This session will help you eliminate the guesswork and add a lot more clarity, confidence and certainty towards your marketing.
  • Don’t miss the follow up to last year’s Mental Health workshop – with this year’s “Wellbeing” Panel Session – Vasili, Belinda, Sam & Taro will guide attendees with practical information and inspiration for making positive changes to their lives and the world around us.
  • A number of special panel sessions; such as our Termite Panel Session, and the return of the popular “Ask an Expert” Panel Session – designed to engage and inform delegates and help guide individuals who are trying to make informed decisions or find solutions to complex problems in their business.
  • Dr Cameron Webb – will inform us on all things Mosquito – this presentation will help those in the industry assist their customers.  Learn about different types of mosquitoes posing pest and public health threats and how best to control their numbers. 
  • David Priddy from Sundew Solutions will update us on the latest in European Wasps

Plus topics, such as Dispute Resolution, Training and Pest Control in Real Estate, Pesticon 2023 will again provide an ideal networking opportunity for those in the industry to come together to share their knowledge and experience.  On the social side of things, the conference will launch on the Wednesday evening with the Welcome Reception – kindly sponsored by Ensystex, where the winner of the AEPMA Sustainability award will be announced.  Then on the Thursday afternoon, enjoy the Happy Hour Drinks in the Exhibition Hall – kindly sponsored by Syngenta and finally on the Friday evening, we finish off the conference with a bang with the announcement of the 2023 Pest Manager of the Year Awards – with comedian and MC David Smeidt and kindly sponsored by BASF.

The AWPMA Networking Breakfast sponsored by FMC will be held on Thursday 17th August and will celebrate the winners of the Administrator of the Year and Trainee of the Year Awards.  Von Barnes from Pinnacle Properties will be presenting on being a “Female Entrepreneur – savvy, seasoned and successful”.  The breakfast is open to all, but limited spots are available, so don’t delay booking your place. 

The Exhibition Hall will again be a hub of activity at the conference.  Key manufacturers and suppliers will be showcasing the latest products and services for all aspects of your business, launching new products, explaining current techniques and demonstrating solutions that will benefit small, medium and large pest management companies.

With attractive early bird rates now available - full delegate packages starting at $500 for members and $525 for non-members with further savings for 2 or more delegates.   Why not bring your partner to the Welcome Reception, Happy Hour Drinks & Gala Dinner with a special rate of $300 for all three!


Visit the Pesticon Website for more details.


Important Notice: CodeMark Certification Issue and Advocacy Efforts

We have made representations to the ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board) and JASANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand) regarding this matter, as our technical experts believe this product lacks the appropriate evidence to justify a CodeMark Certification.

We were shocked to discover that the company behind this product was marketing it as having been CodeMark assessed (CM70135) to meet the Performance Requirements of the NCC (National Construction Code) 2019 3.1.4, specifically for Termite Management Systems.

You can view the advertising claim at
We have received confirmation from JASANZ that the certificate for the Termicoat TTMS is currently suspended as per the CodeMark Register.

We want to assure our members that we are actively monitoring this situation and will continue to advocate for the integrity and reliability of the CodeMark Australia Scheme. It is crucial that we uphold the highest standards in our industry to ensure the safety nd confidence of both professionals and the public.

We will keep you informed of any further developments regarding this matter. If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Industry Awards

We are pleased to announce that the AEPMA Industry Awards have now closed for submissions. We want to thank all the participants who took the time to nominate their colleagues and organizations for these prestigious awards.

The judging process is currently underway, as our panel of experts meticulously reviews the submissions. The competition has been tough, with exceptional talent and innovative solutions showcased by our members.

We are excited to unveil the winners of the AEPMA Industry Awards at Pesticon, our upcoming industry conference and exhibition. Pesticon will serve as the platform to celebrate excellence within our industry, and we eagerly anticipate the announcement of the winners during this highly anticipated event.

The award categories are:

Pest Manager of the Year - Sponsored by BASF
This award acknowledges individuals who have displayed exceptional skills, knowledge, and leadership in the field of pest management. We extend our appreciation to BASF for their generous sponsorship of this prestigious award.

Innovation Award - Sponsored by Envu
The Innovation Award recognizes groundbreaking advancements and creative solutions that have made a significant impact on the pest management industry. We thank Envu for their support in promoting and honoring innovation within our community.

Sustainability Award - Sponsored by Ensystex
In recognition of the growing importance of sustainability in pest management, we are proud to introduce the first-ever Sustainability Award. This category celebrates organizations that have implemented environmentally conscious practices and demonstrated a commitment to sustainable pest management. We appreciate the sponsorship of this significant award by Ensystex.

The winners of each category will be announced at Pesticon, where we will gather to celebrate their remarkable achievements. Congratulations to all the nominees, and we wish them the best of luck.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in making the AEPMA Industry Awards a resounding success. We are proud to have such an extraordinary community of professionals, and we look forward to celebrating your accomplishments at Pesticon


NSW AEPMA Branch Update

Dear Members,

By now you should all be aware that our good friend and AEPMA NSW ACT State Council Chairperson Kylee Enwright has had an accident while on holiday in Thailand. 

She had a fall and is in a very serious condition in hospital (Paul Enwright posted a message on
Facebook on his wall Wednesday 7 June which should give you all an update).

As Paul said, his world, that of their family and team members CPR Pest Management Services has been turned upside down.

Kylee is a very dedicated person to her work, community, and the Pest Management Industry.
She is very capable with everything she does, she is a lovely person, makes friends with everyone she meets, and is very well respected by all on the NSW ACT Branch and we have been devastated by the news.

Paul and his family wanted to thank you all and to know how grateful they are for the support the Pest Management Industry has provided to help with some of Kylee's overseas medical expenses they are facing, to lessen some of the stress and anguish during these uncertain times.

As at Friday 8th June a total of more than $160,000 has been donated by the industry, family and friends. GoFundMe 

Let’s hope Kylee makes a full recovery and returns home safe and well soon.


An AEPMA NSW ACT State Council face-to-face meeting was held at the Tea Gardens Country Club at 9.30 am on 6 May 2023 and on Zoom. 

The meeting was well attended with 10 delegates and 2 apologies.

Chairperson Kylee Enwright welcomed all in attendance and asked to record the meeting for the purpose of drafting the minutes. It was agreed that Kylee Enwright would write the minutes and Patrick Legey the editorial to be passed to the National office for inclusion in the newsletter.

Shayne Reynolds explained the logistics for the meeting, Sunset Boat Cruise, dinner, and Sunday breakfast for the attending delegates.

After accepting the minutes of the previous meeting, we moved on to other matters of business which included the 2023 AEPMA conference, a Review of the Codes of Best Practice (which included Termite Management which will be soon in its third meeting) and soon to be, Training to the Codes, on selling of Pre- Purchase Timber Pest Inspections, the effects on birds of prey when they consume rodents affected by rodenticides. 

Kylee Enwright has written to EPA NSW to seek information and results of their latest Pest Management audits conducted since December 2022. Their reply indicated that they will get in touch with AEPMA NSW when the results can be made available.

There was a lot of talk regarding the pre-purchase combined building and timber pest Inspections where favourable pest reports had been issued by combined timber pest and building inspectors and where there were obvious defects found after the properties had been sold. 
NSW Pest Management Licencing.

Please make sure you include with your Timber Pest Management Technician (TPMT)Licence application the full transcript of your qualification especially the competency units 8 & 10 you have achieved (no supportive paperwork/ no licence).

Unfortunately, EPA NSW, for the purpose of obtaining a TPMT Licence will not accept any qualifications prior to 1998 (pre-competency units). You will have to get in touch with an RTO (Registered Training Organisation). The date is approaching fast so don’t delay (don’t wait till 17 December 2023).

We thanked Shayne Reynolds for hosting again the Tea Gardens meeting and weekend away.

As Vice Chairperson, I will be acting as Chairperson until the safe return of Kylee Enwright.

Patrick Legey for Kylee Enwright (NSW ACT Chairperson) can be contacted at or Phone: 0438 022984 or any of your State Council Delegates.

The next meeting to be announced soon.

Some photos from the event

1. Ken and Olivia Hurstfield, Pixel Pest Control, Karuah

2. Tea Gardens meeting 6 May Shayne Reynolds, Patrick Legey, Ken and Olivia Hurtsfield, Kylee and Paul Enwright CPR Pest Management Services, Colin Urey Drop Dead Pest Control

3. Patrick Legey and Kylee Enwright boarding HMAS Tea Gardens

4. Dolphins racing our boat

5. Shayne Reynolds and Paul Enwright getting a Kayak lesson from Mark Fuller


Expand Your Expertise: Enrol in the Field Biologist Course Today

As the leading association for pest management professionals, we constantly strive to provide you with valuable opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills. Today, we want to remind you about an incredible learning opportunity: the Field Biologist Course offered by AEPMA.

The Field Biologist Course is a comprehensive program designed specifically for pest management professionals who are eager to deepen their understanding of field biology and its practical application in pest control. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just starting your career, this course promises to broaden your horizons and equip you with invaluable expertise.

Let's take a closer look at what this course has to offer:

1. In-depth Curriculum: The Field Biologist Course covers a wide range of topics essential for field biologists in the pest management industry. The curriculum includes studies on pest identification, behaviour, and biology, as well as advanced field sampling techniques, data analysis, and reporting. With a strong emphasis on practical application, this course equips you with the skills needed to excel in the field.

2. Expert Faculty: Our course instructor is an expert in the field of pest management and biology ensuring that you receive the highest quality education. 

3. Networking and Collaboration: Attending the Field Biologist Course provides you with an excellent platform to connect and collaborate with fellow pest management professionals. Interact with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and build a strong network of peers who share your passion for field biology and pest control. The connections you make during the course can prove invaluable throughout your career.

5. Certification: Successful completion of the Field Biologist Course results in a prestigious certification awarded by AEPMA. This certification serves as a testament to your expertise and commitment to professional development. It adds credibility to your profile and can open doors to new opportunities within the industry.

We encourage all AEPMA members who have not yet taken advantage of this remarkable course to consider enrolling today. The Field Biologist Course is an investment in your professional growth and will undoubtedly enrich your pest management capabilities.

For more information on the course, including registration details and the upcoming schedule, please visit our website.

Remember, continuing education is key to staying at the forefront of our ever-evolving industry. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enhance your field biology expertise and advance your career.

Continue Reading 





The AWPMA Board has recently been researching and examining the demographics in the pest control industry. And two startling statistics to come to light are that our industry has a 4% participation rate for women, with the all jobs average being closer to 45%. And the average age of workers in our industry is 45, with the all jobs average being 40. This tells us two things; we need more female staff, and we need younger staff. The AWPMA board would welcome suggestions from all industry participants on ways we can change this for our industry. With this in mind we would encourage all females to attend Pesticon.

Wow! There is only 3 months to go until Pesticon - this is such a great conference and opportunity to network as a business. The AWPMA board are so excited to be holding two events this year at Pesticon - The Networking Breakfast and the Aquaduck Tour. Check out details on both these events and make sure you have your tickets booked; they are separate tickets to conference delegate tickets.

As of the 1st of June, we have opened entries for the Excellence Award proudly sponsored by BASF and the Trainee of the Year and Administrator of the Year award sponsored by FMC. We would encourage all employers to nominate females in their organisations or for eligible women to apply themselves, these awards are about recognising females in our industry. We have been so proud of our past award winners, all exemplary women who have excelled. To nominate an amazing woman in your life please go to

The AWPMA board is always available for suggestions or any questions you may have please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


Online HomeGuard® accreditation

FMC is proud to announce the launch of FMC Learn, an online training platform for HomeGuard® installation accreditation.

Become a HomeGuard® installer, anywhere, anytime.

Existing accredited applicators need to update their knowledge in conjunction with the New manual, 5D. This is now easy to do at your convenience.

Sign up today at


Why Termidor is still the best answer for PCOs


For over 20 years when consumers ask pest controllers what they will use to protect their homes or businesses against termites, the best answer has remained the same: Termidor®. Since 2012 there have been alternative products which claim to be the same, but Termidor’s original formulation remains unique and unmatched. To make the gap between the best and the also-rans even wider, the introduction of the Termidor HE (High Efficiency) formulation raised the standard of control – and ease of installation – to a level no other manufacturer even claims to have matched.

“As a pest controller, there are two points of view you have to consider when you’re choosing which products to use,” says Mark Wilson, BASF’s Technical and Development Manager. “Looking at it through the consumer’s eyes, they want the reassurance that you are using the best possible treatment because they find termites a really scary problem to deal with. From your own point of view, you want to be using something you can have total confidence in and that gives your customers both confidence and peace of mind. Plus, you want to make a decent profit – and that is a bit more complicated than just your margin on the product. Faster installation and fewer callbacks really help the bottom line as well.”

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Why attending Pesticon 2023 is a good idea

Professional development is a valuable investment for pest managers. It enables them to expand their knowledge, network with industry professionals, stay abreast of industry trends and find inspiration to excel in their profession.

Rapid are encouraging pest managers who haven’t yet committed to attending Pesticon 2023 to consider the valuable professional development that this conference is set to deliver.

Pesticon 2023 will provide opportunities for pest managers to enhance their knowledge and skills. 
Attendees will have access to educational sessions, workshops, and presentations by industry experts. Attending these events allows pest managers to stay updated with the latest research, technologies, and best practices in pest management. This ongoing learning helps them improve their abilities and deliver better services to their customers.

There’s another great reason to invest in professional development such as Pesticon: claims avoidance.

Many of the claims we see at Rapid have a common theme: the pest manager wasn’t up to date on Australian Standards requirements, best reporting templates and systems or pest management practice. As a result, pest managers will often take their learning from the claim and improve their systems, processes, paperwork and treatment techniques. The claim itself becomes a professional development exercise, often at a high cost and with unwanted stress and reputational damage!
Sharing claims case studies and lessons learned from defending claims is one of the key reasons Rapid sponsors industry events and conferences such as Pesticon. Through our presentations and conversations, we can share this valuable knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.

As the Network Lounge sponsor at Pesticon, Rapid are providing free tea and coffee both conference days and our CEO Belinda Smith and Training Manager Kerrie Undery will be on hand to chat to about insurance and training.

For more reasons to consider attending Pesticon this year, check out our fireside chat with AEPMA President Vasili Tsoutouras: here 


Ant Feeding Behaviour and Baiting Techniques

The complex food cycle within ant colonies varies with the species of ant. Foraging ants bring food or water back to the colony and distribute it to the queen, other workers, and larvae by trophallaxis. A filtering mechanism, the infrabuccal plate, present in adult ants, prevents solid food particles from entering their digestive tract. Consequently, adult ants have typically been considered as ‘liquid feeders’ only. The solid prey/ food seen being carried by workers back to the colony was thought to be intended as food for the larvae only.

The feeding of larvae commonly occurs when workers apply their mouth parts to those of the larvae and regurgitate liquid food from the worker’s crop. This process, stomodeal trophallaxis has been observed in nearly all major ant families. 

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Exploring effective prevention and control methods for Australia’s most common stored Product Pests - Wendell Arnett, Business Development Manager, Envu

Stored product pests are a common issue in Australia causing significant economic loss to agriculture and food industries. These pets infest food products such as grains, Dried fruits, nuts and other commodities. They feed on the product and contaminate them with their faeces and other debris. In this article we'll explore some of the most common stored product pests in Australia and effective treatment options.

The Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella) The adult moths are approximately 8-10mm in length and are easily recognizable by their distinctive reddish-brown forewings with a coppery luster. 

The larvae can be up to 13mm. The adult can have a wingspan approximately 20mm. They are especially common in the warmer and more humid coastal regions. They can survive in a wide range of environments, from homes and supermarkets to warehouses and food processing plants. They can be difficult to control, as the larvae can hide deep within food products and are often not detected until significant damage has already been done.

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March of the Fire Ants could reach Sydney’s outskirts by 2035, costing economy up to $1.2bn a year

The March of the fire ants could reach Sydney’s outskirts by 2035, costing economy up to $1.2bn a year
Failing to stop the spread of an outbreak of invasive fire ants in south-east Queensland could cost the Australian economy more than $1bn a year, including damage to high-value crops, infrastructure and homes.

A previously unreleased cost-benefit analysis, commissioned by a steering committee managing the outbreak of red fire ants and obtained by Guardian Australia, says eradication of the species provides “much higher returns” than suppression measures that simply limit its spread.

The study says the spread of the ants, which were first detected in Brisbane in 2001, would cause “cascading negative impacts on future generations”.

Read more here

Credit - Guardian 

Sundew StarrdustPRO Dust Celebrating 8 Years 

Sundew is celebrating the 8 year anniversary since the launch of Australia’s first dual active industrial strength dusting powder.  

Launched in May 2015, StarrdustPRO boasts double strength 40:60 cis permethrin PLUS the insect growth regulator, triflumuron.

The 40:60 cis permethrin found in StarrdustPRO is essentially twice the potency of simple 25:75 cis found in other dusts.  What does this mean to you?  This means a more efficient kill and you get twice the bang for your buck when you choose StarrdustPRO.

Insecticidal dusting remains an important tool in pest management as they are safe to use around electrical systems and air flow allows controlled drift deep into voids and cavities where other treatments cannot penetrate.  It is safe to use in large voids such as roof and wall cavities and does not absorb into porous surfaces.

StarrdustPRO is MADE IN AUSTRALIA by a family owned business here in Melbourne.  With the turbulent times we find ourselves operating in, we know Australian pest management professionals have their choice of dusting products.  A good question to ask yourself is “Where is my dust made?”.

To help celebrate 8 years since the launch of StarrdustPRO, Sundew is giving away five Limited Edition StarrdustPRO bar runners perfect for the bar or pool room. 

Simply email your name, business name and address to to go in the draw.  Competition drawn Friday 23rd June and results published on the Sundew Facebook page.

Important Dates

Registrations are now open for the 2023 Environmental Biosecurity Webinar Series – Connected. Resilient. Shared. 

We invite you to connect with us for the 2023 Environmental Biosecurity Webinar Series to explore environmental biosecurity ideas, projects, research and case studies that are contributing to a more connected, resilient, and shared biosecurity system. 

The six-part series will explore the priority areas of the National Biosecurity Strategy from an environmental biosecurity perspective. The National Biosecurity Strategy was released in August 2022 and provides a strategic roadmap and collective vision for Australia’s biosecurity system over the next ten years.

To register for the webinar series CLICK HERE to visit the Eventbrite registration page.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite. Joining details (the Microsoft Teams link) and a reminder will be sent out by the Environmental Biosecurity Office prior to each webinar.

Webinar dates
Dates for each webinar are below. Please remember to add a reminder in your calendar so you don’t forget!

• Highly skilled workforce - Thursday 27 July 12:30-2:00pm (AEST)
• Coordinated preparedness and response - Thursday 7 September 12:30-2:00pm (AEST)
• Sustainable investment - Thursday 19 October 12:30-2:00pm (AEDT)

Fighting the exotic mosquito menace

Sydney’s warm and wet weather over the past year has kept Australia’s frontline biosecurity officers busy in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases.

More than half of all exotic mosquitoes detected through the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s national vector monitoring program in 2022 were associated with aircraft and cargo arrivals through Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport.

From January 2022 to January 2023, the department’s vector monitoring officers and biosecurity officers detected 24 exotic mosquitoes across the country and 14 of those were found in Sydney.
In the same period the previous year there were just three detections in Sydney and a national total of 18 detections.

Deputy Secretary, Biosecurity and Compliance Group, Dr Chris Locke said the vector monitoring program plays a major role in intercepting mosquitoes, many of which can transmit serious diseases.

Read more here

Important Dates


  • Pesticon 2023 - 16th - 18th August @ Star Gold Coast 
  • Pesticon 2024 - 14th - 16th August @ Star Gold Coast 
  • PestWorld -  17th - 20th October 2023 
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