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Speaker Profiles – Stream 2

Tuesday 7th June

STREAM 2: 11:00 – 11:45

“Creating a Conducive Business: How to Attract More Clients and Better Technicians”

Owner, Suburban Pest Management

Tom and Kahlee Aldridge own Suburban Pest Management, the AEPMA 2021 Pest Manager of the Year based in Southeast Queensland.

Since acquiring the family business from Tom's parents back in 2011 they have grown from 9 people to a team of more than 40, covering all aspects of pest management including domestic and commercial services, and particularly termites.

Tom credits that consistent growth to a combination of strong digital marketing, advanced training systems and a focus on team culture and a quality service.

With a vision "To be the Go-To Company for Pest Management in Australia" Tom’s goal is to help more than just clients: he actively works to help other pest companies, technicians, and various pest industry partners, knowing that when one of us improves all of us win.

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Problem: Finding work in a competitive environment is hard, and finding great Technicians is even harder!

Tom Aldridge is excited to discuss some of the marketing secrets of Suburban Pest Management and give an insight into how their marketing and training systems have doubled the size of their business in just 2 short years.

Tom will explain how they started developing videos for their internal training, external marketing, and to help offer support to the rest of the pest industry. Videos can be a powerful way to get your message across to your target market, as well as keeping consistent with your services amongst the team.

The presentation will finish by discussing what makes for a great team culture and how this can help drive the growth and strength of your business (and how a poor team culture can harm it!).

STREAM 2: 11:45 – 12:30

“Marketing my Business – Cutting Edge Digital Marketing”

Bug Doctor Media

With a PhD in insect behaviour and nearly 30 years of pest control experience in both consumer and professional pest control, Phil has a fairly unique pest control background. After his early years in R&D, Phil moved into marketing and held several business and marketing roles, including Asia Pacific business manager for DuPont when he launched several professional pest products across the region. He now runs Professional Pest Manager magazine and its specialised marketing agency – Bug Doctor Media.

Working with a limited number of pest control companies around Australia, Bug Doctor Media provides a full range of marketing services including: marketing strategy development, website design, SEO services, content writing and online advertising management.

With his finger on the pulse of online marketing developments, Phil will be sharing some of the secrets he uses with his clients in his talk, Marketing your Business ¬– Cutting Edge Digital Marketing.

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In this wide-ranging presentation, attendees will take home number of tools and tips they can implement immediately to improve their online marketing and business performance.

Before jumping into digital marketing (which gets everyone excited), it’s important to understand the basics of marketing. In putting together an advert many businesses don’t consider the activity as part of a bigger marketing plan. Apart from the need to consider the specific objective of the advertising campaign it needs to be considered as an element of the overall sales process. We look at the types of ad and when you might use them.

With any advertising, a winning headline is vital to both catch attention and entice the viewer to find out more. In the online world, you want to generate clicks. A range of tips are provided that have been proven to increase click rates.

With most businesses carrying out a range of marketing and advertising activities it can be a challenge to work out which elements are providing the best return on investment. By using an online/call tracking case study we show how businesses can measure which activities are driving business. It may not be the ones you think!

It’s difficult to keep on top of all the developments in the online world, so we have a look at the online marketing trends in 2022 that you need to be aware of to keep your business at the “cutting edge”.

…and we’ll finish with some mind-blowing AI software that you can use today.

STREAM 2: 13:30 – 14:10

“How to avoid hitting underground services”


Still to come

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Still to come

STREAM 2: 14:10 – 14:50

“Talking Insurance”

Director – Wymark Insurance Brokers (Melb) Pty Ltd

James has been in the insurance industry for 18 years working with international brokerage firms Marsh and Aon before starting Wallace Risk Solutions in 2009. Wallace Risk Solutions began servicing the pest management industry in 2010 before merging with Wymark in 2020 bringing together both pest management portfolios under one roof. The Pest Management industry is a major focus for Wymark and development of new insurance products for the industry is underway.

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Talking Insurance will discuss the current state of the insurance market and the challenges the insurance industry is facing. The talk will address issues such as rising insurance premiums and reduced appetite for various classes of insurance. I’ll also delve more closely into insurance relating directly to pest managers, some of the nuances of the policies and discuss claims examples.

STREAM 2: 15:40 – 16:30

“Why best practice matters for birds and wildlife: insights from industry and conservation”


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Pest controllers are on the front line when it comes to keeping pets and wildlife safe from poisons used in pest control, but loose regulations and the over-the-counter availability of Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides means that non-target poisonings continue to be a common occurrence. In this session, BirdLife Australia will discuss the current state of non-target anticoagulant poisoning across the country, and how impacts are being felt by wildlife and vets. We will discuss best practice pest control, and regulatory goals for the future, before opening to a Q and A session where we hear from biologists, wildlife campaigners and professionals in the pest control industry.

Wednesday 8th June

STREAM 2: 11:15 – 12:00

“Sensible Digital Marketing | Interactive Workshop”

Managing Director
Creative Serum

About Scott: Scott is the Managing Director of Creative Serum and has spent over 15 years in the design and marketing industry. His success in online marketing has come from a strong focus on relationship building, collaborative marketing strategies, and a passion for educating clients on the fundamentals of creating a return on investment. By combining timeless marketing principals, such as building ideal customer profiles, with modern online marketing tools, Scott aims to truly understand the measurable outcomes of a strategy before beginning the journey. This creates trust, understanding and more importantly, profitable outcomes for anyone that Scott works with.

About Creative Serum: Based in Adelaide, Creative Serum is an agency with ambitions to change the way a business owner thinks about their growth and marketing strategies. Planned growth through sensible strategies is our speciality, and education is a big part of that. By spending the time to discover a client’s current position vs their opportunity for growth, we can begin to develop a pathway towards that growth, in a way that maximises results and minimises risk. Creative Serum is creating a strong reputation in the industry for providing reliable advice, building strong relationships and delivering game changing outcomes.

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By combining timeless marketing principals, modern online marketing tools, and sensible budgeting relative to your objectives, this workshop aims to help you truly understand the measurable outcomes of a strategy before beginning the journey. This results in less risk and better returns for businesses, but more importantly saves time and money in the process.

Join this session to gain insights into our key topics:

  • Simple Numbers – Understanding marketing budgets and ROI
  • Online Essentials for getting more customers
  • Choosing a Strategy that’s right for your business, and your customers.

STREAM 2: 12:00 – 12:40

“Sales for Non-sales people – teaching technicians to sell”

Senior Sales Manager – ANZ
Syngenta Professional Pest Management

David Marrs is a Senior Sales Manager for Syngenta PPM and is based in Brisbane, Queensland. David’s role covers the Professional Pest Management portfolio across Australia and New Zealand.

David obtained a Master of Business Administration at James Cook University and brings over 33 years’ experience in sales, operations management as well as current market knowledge in pest control and fumigation. David held a variety of positions within Rentokil, before joining Syngenta.

He started in the Pest Management Industry as a technician back in 1989 with the family business, Exopest based in Brisbane. As with a smaller business no two days were the same and he learnt all facets of Pest Control, Residential, Commercial, Termites and Fumigation. David worked in operations and sales and completed his Cert IV in Pest Management. In 2003 the business was acquired by Campbell Brothers and David worked with them as a Branch Manager.

In 2007, Rentokil acquired the pest management and hygiene arms from Campbell Brothers and David was given the responsibility of branch management of Rentokil Pest Control for South East QLD. In 2013, there was restructuring within Rentokil which gave David the opportunity to take on the role of Business Manager across the three divisions in Rentokil (pest, hygiene, and Indoor Plants - Ambius) in SE QLD.

David has had vast experience in direct sales and sales management of pest control from both the residential and commercial perspective. David has had direct dealings with local, national, and global pest control sales. He has a passion in coaching and developing sales teams to improve their performance and achieving their goals.

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Purpose: To help Pest Management businesses grow their business through empowering non-sales people to identify opportunities and increase sales.

Pest Management organisations face numerous challenges and training their technicians to sell should be high on the agenda.

This presentation aims to help pest management companies of all sizes maximize their business growth through their service teams. The specific objectives of the presentation are to demonstrate to the audience, methods of having service teams who are able to also bring sales growth to the company.

Assumptions and misconceptions have created a predisposition and mindset on what qualities a good salesperson has. The presentation will break down these myths and cover topics on how to ensure technicians are looking out for opportunities to grow the business through sales.

The presentation will cover 4 key aspects:

  1. How to change attitude and behaviours of service teams towards selling.
  2. How to coach service teams and improve knowledge to enable business growth.
  3. Tangible measures of performance.
  4. Reward and recognition for technician sales.

STREAM 2: 12:40 – 13:20



STREAM 2: 14:15 – 14:55

“How to incorporate the Training Package within your business”

STREAM 2: 14:55 – 15:35

“The future of Pest Management Training Product Development and VET Skills Reform Process”

Training Manager
Flick Anticimex

As head of Post Construction Pest Technical Services and Training Manager for Flick Anticimex (Pacific Region), John drives the company goals of excellence in pest management knowledge, research, innovation and training. His dedicated team of technical managers, training and field officers support business operations by providing mentoring and technical expertise to more than 700 technicians and sub-contractors within the groups Corporate Branches and Remote Licensees.

John’s 25 year pest management experience has seen him work in all aspects of the business from field technician, business owner, sales, training, technical and work health safety. He is an active member of AEPMA having worked on several Codes of Practice and as a representative on external working parties and committees promoting industry initiatives and training package development. He is passionate about all aspects of the pest management industry and especially in the mentoring and training of the next generation of pest managers.

How to incorporate the Training Package within your business
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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. Although this quote is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin its true origin can be traced back more than 2000 years to the 3rd Century BCE Chinese philosopher Xun Kuang. What was known 2000 years ago is still known today, put simply “We learn best when we do”. This philosophy of direct learner involvement is at the core of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training system, “Competency-based training”.

It has now been more than two decades since the introduction of Competency-based training in Pest Management and with this change came the terms Training Package, Core and Electives, Units of Competency, Elements, Performance Criteria, Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and many others. But what is Competency Based training? What do these terms mean? And more importantly how does it all relate to your business.

This presentation will describe Competency-based training as it relates to:

  • the Pest Management training package
  • the role of RTO’s and the Pest Manager / Pest Business and
  • how you can incorporate the training package components within your business.

The future of Pest Management Training Product Development and VET Skills Reform Process
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PANEL SESSION: “The Business of running a pest control business”

Stream 2: 15:35 – 16:15

Facilitator: Belinda Smith – Rapid Solutions
Michelle Downs – Lethal Pest Control
Kylee Enwright – CPR Pest Management
Amanda Robin – Competitive Pest Services
Jodi Urey – Drop Dead Pest Control

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