AEPMA works closely with all levels of local, state and federal government as well as industry bodies and working groups to constantly and consistently develop, improve and promote the Australian professional pest management industry.

We regularly update our publications to ensure they reflect current industry regulations, codes of practice and other useful resources.


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Industry Code of Practice

Following changes at Standards Australia, AEPMA has been working on Codes of Practice that better reflect the needs of the pest management industry. AEPMA will continue to work with Standards Australia and where possible assist in producing relevant, practical standards that are meaningful, technically sound and based on industry best practice.
A Code of Practice for the Control of Bed Bug Infestations in Australia (complete)
For more information on Bed Bug Control, please see
A Code of Practice for Pest Management in the Food Industry
This version of the Code of Practice for Pest Management in the Food Industry is intended as a guide and reference for pest managers and managers in the food industry in Australia and New Zealand. It contains an outline of best practice for pest management in the food industry.
A Code of Practice for Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections


NSW Pesticides Act 1999 / Pesticide Control Order under Section 38 also known as Pesticide Control (Avicide Products) Order 2010

Asian Honeybee (Apis cerana) (QLD Only)The Federal Government has announced that Queensland is experiencing an Asian Honeybee (Apis cerana) endemic. Previously it was a requirement that government agents were engaged to destroy the Asian Honeybee hives and the bees, however this will no longer be the case. Members of the public who wish to have the bees removed or destroyed are advised to contact an AEPMA accredited pest controller.

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