Life Member

Life membership is bestowed on an individual for longstanding service at the discretion of the AEPMA National Board by special resolution. It is valid while the individual continues to participate in AEPMA activities and entitles the individual to the same rights and benefits as full membership.

Life membership entitles the individual to the same rights and benefits of full membership.

Guidelines and nomination procedure for Life Membership

Members are requested to submit their nominations to the Executive Director at least 21 days prior to the AEPMA Annual General Meeting. 

Nominations should include the following details relating to the nominee:

  • Name and qualifications
  • Length of membership (nominee must have at least five years continuous membership of AEPMA)
  • Details of industry background and experience (nominee must have at least 10 years experience in the pest management industry)
  • Details of contribution to the pest management industry (nominee must have contributed to the pest management industry over and above competence in the workplace.  This can be achieved through involvement with AEPMA or similar associations; contributions to education within the industry; promotion of the industry to the wider community by presentation of papers or preparation of publications; and representation of the industry in government, non-government or community bodies or forums.)

The nomination must include the name and phone number of the nominating member.

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