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Control Orders and Acts

NSW Pesticides Act 1999 / Pesticide Control Order under Section 38 
(also known as Pesticide Control (Avicide Products) Order 2010)

Fact Sheets and Guidelines

Asian Honeybee (Apis cerana) (Qld Only)  
The Federal Government has announced that Queensland is experiencing the Asian Honeybee (Apis cerana) endemic. Previously it was a requirement that government agents were engaged to destroy the Asian Honeybee hives and the bees, however this will no longer the case. 

Further information
Asian Honeybee Fact Sheet
Guidelines for Destroying Asian Honeybees

Termite Protection: Available Treatments And Hazard Information About Termiticides
 This article was prepared by the Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing, Office of Chemical Safety, and is reproduced with their kind permission. Click here to download the article. 


Sample Pest Management / Tax Invoice (Qld Only)  
AEPMA has worked in consultation with the Queensland Department of Health Regulations to develop a compliant invoice template to assist member companies. Please refer the Disclaimer below.

The attached MS Word file is a DRAFT document and is available for use by Member Companies Only.
This document has been drafted to suit the regulations in Queensland and it may not be suitable for use in other States. Clarification on the suitability of this document to be used by a Company should be sought from your Insurer. 
AEPMA accepts no liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of the document.

NSW Trainee Logbook

For Trainee Pest Management Technicians & Trainee Timber Pest Technicians in NSW Satisfies the requirements of Div. 3 – Subdivision 2 of the NSW Pesticide Regulations 2017

Click here to download the trainee logbook.