PestCert Key Goals

The PestCert Business Plan sets out four key goals and achievement of these goals will involve as below: 

Require an appropriate level of training and ongoing skill / knowledge development for pest management technicians.

  • The acceptance in time of Certificate III as the minimum standard for all practising pest management technicians.
  • Competency assessments are conducted under a face to face and work or work simulated environment.
  • Appropriate management of the criteria and point allocation model for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.
  • Adequate opportunities for all pest management technicians to acquire CPD points.

Ensure compliance with PestCert codes and standards.

  • Appropriate management of the PestCert Code of Conduct and the Rules associated with the use of the PestCert logo.
  • Auditing of accredited individuals and companies for compliance against PestCert requirements.
  • Promotion to the community of the benefits of choosing a PestCert accredited pest manager.
  • Effective public complaints process.

Develop brand awareness for PestCert with industry, community and Government.

  • Effective marketing and promotion of PestCert.
  • Public awareness programs.
  • Community information events.
  • Awards for excellence.

Establish an effective organisational structure for PestCert which delivers integrity and encourages co regulation linkages with Government. 

  • Establishing an appropriate structure for PestCert.
  • Establishing an appropriate Committee structure for PestCert.