PestCert Terms Definitions

Accreditation - Accreditation of an Enterprise in accordance with these Rules and the PestCert System.

Accredited Enterprise - A pest management business accredited by PestCert in accordance with these Rules and the PestCert System.

Accredited Group - A group of more than one (1) pest management business that is formed through a legal entity and affiliated with AEPMA i.e. multi-branch operating franchises.

AEPMA - Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association Limited, the peak national industry body that represents the Professional Pest Management Industry.

Agent Applicant - A person approved by PestCert to act on its behalf.

Applicate - A pest management business that has applied to become accredited to PestCert, but that has not yet been granted accreditation by the AEPMA.

Audit - The systematic examination to verify that the Enterprise is acting in accordance with these Rules.

Auditee -  The Enterprise that is the subject of an Audit.

Auditor - A person approved by PestCert to conduct audits on its behalf.

Group Member - An individual enterprise that forms part of an Accredited Group.

ISO - International Standards Organisation.

Non conformance - A failure to comply with the requirements of the PestCert system.

PestCert system - The Australian Pest Management Industry’s Quality Assurance Program. Includes the PestCert Accreditation Rules, PestCert Management System and any other documents generated by AEPMA detailed in these Rules.

Rules - These Rules and any amendments made hereto from time to time.

Scope - A description of the business type, e.g. grower only, grower and packer, or packer only; the produce types grown and the destination market (if known).

Self-assessment - A systematic examination conducted by a Group Member to verify that they are acting in accordance with these Rules.

Trademark - The Accreditation trademark.

Training - Provision of knowledge and skills to perform tasks to a specified competency. Training can be delivered on-the-job or through qualified external providers.


Workers - All people working in the business, including employees and contractors.