AEPMA - Guideline on Disinfection


Following concerns with Covid-19, AEPMA have produced a Guideline on Disinfection.

The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines on the disinfection of enviromental surfaces.

The document can be found here 

AEPMA gratefully acknowledges the contribution and support of people and organisations who have helped prepare this Guideline.

Working Party

Vasili Tsoutouras – Allstate Pest Control (Chairman)

Steve Broadbent - Ensystex Australasia

Basil Taylor - Rapid Solutions

David Elmouttie – BASF Australia

Kelvin Lawrie – Rentokil Initial

John Murray - Flick Anticimex

Troy Dawson – Dawson’s Australia Pest Control

Phil Sayer – Garrards

Paul Wynn-Hatton – Callington Haven

Stephen Ware - AEPMA

Special Thanks

The committee would like to thank the following organisations and persons who provided comment during the drafting of this document:

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG

Mark Bestman, Equipment Manager, Garrards