Ensystex’s Attrathor Targeted Insecticide is one of the most popular insecticides in the Australian market. It has proven a standout performer with its unique dual microencapsulated ‘attract and kill’ formulation.

Steve Broadbent, regional director for Ensystex, is therefore very pleased to advise that, “The APVMA approved Attrathor label has been greatly extended and now provides a general claim that it may be used for the control of “crawling insects and pests”. This means it can now be used as a professional pest manager's go to product, no matter what insect pest they are dealing with.

“Attrathor is used by so many professionals for the control of cockroaches, ants and houseflies, that it is always on their truck. This new, improved labelling means that no matter what insect pest they might come across, Attrathor is approved to deal with it. 

“Attrathor is an advanced, totally unique micro-encapsulated formulation containing both attractant microcapsules and kill microcapsules. This makes it the perfect product to replace gel baits, since it draws pest species such as cockroaches, ants and flies to the kill zone. The new labelling allows Attrathor to also be used as a direct spray against any crawling insect pest.”

“Attrathor has revolutionised commercial pest control by providing targeted applications, using its unique and powerful slow release, plant-based attractant microcapsules to lure insects, on to the slow release fipronil microcapsules, which provide improved efficacy and residual performance,” explained Mr Broadbent, “and since it uses our patented, low repellent fipronil, it is now the solution for the widest range of insect pests.

“The bait component lures cockroaches, ants or flies to the kill zone when Attrathor is applied as a surface residual, providing an active control solution. Normal liquid sprays provide passive control only, requiring the products to be applied where the insects are actually harbouring. This is often not possible to determine, or practical to achieve. Attrathor provides active control since it draws the insects to the residual deposit.

“When targeting cockroaches, ants or flies, Attrathor only needs to be applied in the vicinity of where the pests are located, they are then rapidly drawn to the kill zone, often over distances of a metre or more. This allows it to be used as a liquid bait, with no unsightly gel blobs present, and quicker application. Pest managers are very positive in their feedback on the speed with which they achieve control of the toughest jobs with Attrathor.”