Licensed Pest Management Technicians Medicines and Poisons Act 2019


The Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 (MPA) will commence on the 27 September 2021 and will replace the Pest Management Act 2001 (the PMA) and Pest Management Regulation 2003. This information sheet is for persons seeking to be or who are currently authorised to undertake pest management activities under the soon to be repealed PMA and Regulation. 

Under the new MPA, a person can be authorised to carry out pest management activities as a licenced pest management technician (PMT). As before, a pest management licence may be issued with endorsements relating to urban pest control, timber pest control and fumigation activities.

New endorsements for pest management are available for control of pest birds using avicides and carrying out pest control activities in sensitive places (e.g. aged care or childcare premises) or high-risk places (e.g. food manufacturing premises). 

The MPA applies to PMTs working in primary production situations.  Pest management activities in intensive livestock farming such as in chicken farms, piggeries will be classed as high-risk pest management activities. The table below summarises how the authorisations for pest management activities will transition to the new MPA.

Licences granted under the PMA prior to commencement of the new MPA will continue until the term expires or are surrendered/cancelled. Applications submitted under the repealed PMA and not granted before the commencement of the new MPA, will be assessed under the MPA.  

Pest management licences under the MPA will transition as closely as possible to the existing licences under the PMA.  Pest management technicians may apply to amend their licence to include additional endorsements. Authority holders will have up to 12 months to comply with new obligations where required, under the MPA.  For example, licence holders will have up to 12 months to obtain the necessary competencies or prepare Activity Risk Management Plans from the commencement of the new Act. 

Additional supporting information and documents are available at the Queensland Health Pest Management webpage found here, including factsheets, departmental standards, guidelines and application forms. Queries about authorisations for pest management activities can be directed to the Environmental Hazards Unit by email at

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