Field Biologist Course

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Field Biologist Course

What is the scope of the Field Biologist qualification?

The Field Biologist ‘Qualification’ has been designed and developed with input from specialists in the fields of Pest Management, Food Safety & Quality Systems Auditing, Training & Education, Food Technology and Food Safety Quality Assurance, in consultation with the AEPMA. This course prepares successful participants to manage the legislative requirements specific to their work sector, and provides tutoring, guidance and knowledge (which are the precursors to developing the necessary skills) in a wide and diverse array of subjects and aspects involved in the effective delivery of ‘Food Safe’ Pest management, relevant to Food manufacturing, warehousing, import/export, wholesale, retail and traditional food businesses. These include:

  • Appropriate Pest Management Methods & Procedures
  • AUS/NZ Food Standards Code
  • WHS and Food Safety Hazards & Risks
  • AEPMA Codes of Industry Best Practice
  • The Duties & Responsibilities of Stakeholders (Pest Manager & Food Business)
  • Food Safety Standards (HACCP, ISO, BRC, AIB, Coles, Woolies, Yum, etc)
  • Food Safety Certification Requirements
  • IPM Program Development, Implementation & Evaluation
  • Auditing and Continual Improvement

Who should complete the Field Biologist course?

The course is recommended for people who are already licensed and experienced pest management technicians, field service supervisors, account managers, food quality assurance professionals, food facility operational managers and food safety program certification auditors. It recaps and builds on the subjects and concepts of entomology, biology, food safety pre-requisite programs and pest management for those who may be cross-training, such as Food Technologists and Pest Management Technicians. It is a broad approach to how an individual can be more effective when dealing with food industry businesses and their pest management needs. 

How is the Field Biologist course structured?

Phase 1 – Registration & Online Training (9 separate Training Modules & Assessments) 

Phase 2 - Face to Face Group Training

  • Day 1 Face to Face Group Training - Part A 
  • Day 2 Face to Face Group Training - Part B 
  • Day 3 Face to Face Group Training - Part C

Please download the full course description here 

Ultimately, the Field Biologist becomes the central point of contact between food businesses, and pest management companies (and auditors). The Field Biologist is as skilled in meeting legislative and certification requirements as he or she is in developing Integrated pest Management (IPM) Programs. 

Successful Qualified Field Biologists automatically become members of the Institute of Field Biologists.