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Address: Level 1, 8 Redfern Road , Hawthorn East VIC 3123
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Bayer Environmental Science is a Business Operation of Bayer CropScience which specialises in the development and marketing of pest, weed and plant-disease control solutions for non-crop situations; this encompasses professional and rural pest control, termite management, mosquito and locust control, turf and amenity horticulture, industrial vegetation management, stored product protection and the home-garden.
In Australia we have a particular focus on Professional Pest Management, with some of our key brands including Temprid75 , Premise, Kordon, Maxforce, Cislin, Tempo, Coopex, Ficam, Starycide and Rodilon.

In addition to a highly experienced commercial team, which are represented in all of our major market centres, we have a dedicated product development and regulatory affairs group locally which enables us to provide both a strong level of technical support and also a solid pipeline of future products.

Bayer has had a long history of association and partnership with the Australian professional pest management industry and is proud to be committed to its support in a number of key areas, including that of its primary body, AEPMA.  With a strong position as market leader, in terms of both our existing product portfolio and future pipeline, we also have a commitment to sustainable development and are engaged in a number of initiatives locally and globally on this important philosophy.

The professional pest control industry provides an important function within society at large; protecting public health and well-being, maintaining the integrity of structures and preventing unnecessary loss of certain food commodities.  Bayer is committed to helping pest control professionals achieve these goals.

Utilising local and overseas research and development expertise we are committed to innovative development of effective, responsible and environmentally sound pest management solutions which meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.

In 2012 we launched our new insecticide Temprid75 which has class leading residual and knock down effects. It combines innovative chemistry with a broad spectrum of efficacy to deliver outstanding results indoors and outdoors on a wide variety of pests. 

We also launched our new business development program, AMPLIFY.  The Amplify program rewards Bayer customers by awarding points for Bayer product purchases and providing free marketing, IT, HR services to help grow their business.  Learn more at

And in 2013 we have launched a new granular ant and cockroach bait, Maxforce Complete.  
We feel that the underlying stewardship principles that drive our business match closely those of AEPMA and we have a very positive outlook for the future, working together with the Australian pest management industry as a whole, to match product needs and practices with changing consumer demands.

Bayer offers a 100% Performance Guarantee on its products sold into the Professional Pest Control and Professional Turf Management markets.  Should a Bayer product not perform to label claims, Bayer will replace that product with your choice of either the same product, or a comparable product from within our range (to equal value).

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