Termite Management

In 2012 an Industry Study commissioned by AEPMA estimated the average cost of termite treatment and repair damage to be approximately $10,000 per house. Termites are an increasing problem in Australia. Specifically risk levels in houses are rising as construction of most homes since the 1960s has been of a higher risk type because of the use of concrete slabs with little clearance from the ground and the use of soft wood timber for framing. To most people, their most important asset is their home and therefore it is important that termite protection remain a priority for every home owner.

In September 2017, The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) granted authorisation to the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) in respect of Codes of Practice for termite management.

The ACCC recognised that by abiding by the standards set out in the Codes, Pest Managers and Termite System Management Installers who choose to be bound by these Codes are required to meet specific levels of practical experience and education in termite management practices in order to become a signatory to the codes.

AEPMA Codes of Practice set out industry standards of conduct. They are guidelines for fair dealing between Pest Managers and their customers and they outline what a customer can expect from a pest management company, when they agree to engage its services.

These Codes of Practice supports the overall objectives of AEPMA by:

  • Setting a best practice standard of behaviour and service delivery for Termite Management;
  • Holding professional pest managers to a uniform standard of behaviour;
  • Establishing an independent process for assisting clients and professional pest managers to resolve any complaints or disputes that might arise as a result of a termite management service; and
  • Building the professionalism of the industry into the future.

People, businesses and organisations who sign up to these Codes of Practice commit to following and complying with the Code’s objectives, best practice requirements and stipulations.

  • features, benefits, and limitations of currently registered systems, techniques, products, and, technologies for managing termites when constructing a new home or in an existing building or structures; and,
  • best practice (ground rules) governing how such systems, techniques, products, and, technologies should best be commissioned, applied and/or installed.


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