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Leading the way in global pest control

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Welcome to PelGar International - a Global Force in Pest Control 

‘Leading the way in global pest control’

PelGar International is the leading manufacturer of highly effective rodenticide and insecticide products, for controlling public health and agricultural (non-crop) pests.

PelGar has invested heavily in regulatory support and has complete dossiers on the three rodenticide actives difenacoum, bromadiolone and brodifacoum, with a wide range of registered formulations.

Operating from its UK headquarters in Hampshire and through local offices in mainland Europe, Australia and North America, PelGar provides products and expertise to pest controllers in over 50 countries worldwide. Not only does it support customers who are directly involved in controlling nuisance pests, but it also works more strategically in national campaigns against the vectors of disease.

Experienced staff and efficient in-house manufacturing give the company the flexibility to provide innovative and novel products that customers really want, while retaining tight control on quality and service.

With an active and dynamic R&D programme which draws on a wide range of market intelligence and technical feed-back PelGar ‘s product development strategy aims to provide the answers to any global pest problem.


PelGar International is one of the leading companies worldwide in the supply of rodenticides – both as ready-for-use baits and concentrates for local manufacture. PelGar has developed full regulatory dossiers for the actives difenacoum, bromadiolone and brodifacoum, taking these through the European Biocidal Products Directive and allowing PelGar to provide full regulatory support worldwide for the active ingredients and bait formulations.

PelGar operates under the quality assurance scheme ISO 9001:2000 which covers the development, manufacture and distribution of its products. PelGar first achieved approval under this scheme in 1998 and the high standards of quality control are tightly maintained.

Within Australia PelGar offers  three highly palatable  bait formulations:

  • Wax Blocks
  • Paste Sachets
  • Pellets

And a choice of active ingredient; brodifacoum under the brand name of Brigand,or the new and unique active difenacoum under the Roban brand. Each active has its own unique toxicity profile depending on the job in hand.



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