AEPMA Industry Code of Best Practice for ‘Pest Management in the Food Industry’

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What are AEPMA Industry Codes of Best Practice?

The AEPMA Industry Codes of Best Practice set out industry standards of conduct. Simply put, they are guidelines for fair dealings between you and your clients, and let your clients know what your business agrees to do when dealing with them. Pest professionals who are signatories to the AEPMA Industry Codes of Best Practice affirm that they perform their work & conduct their client relationships according to those codes. The codes are intended to lift our industry standard and lift your standard.

What benefits do Pest Managers get from signing up to an AEPMA Industry Code of Best Practice?

  • Being guided by more prescriptive reference documents that you can use as an instruction manual or benchmark for setting up & delivering quality, professional services
  • You can measure what you’re currently doing and how you’re doing it
  • The Codes are freely available to other stakeholders (including your client market)
  • Promote your business as a AEPMA Accredited COP Signatory & display the formal logo(s) on your website, paperwork & marketing material
  • Provides a clear and transparent dispute resolution process for both pest managers and their clients
  • Take advantage of the code training packages supporting each code & receive certification

Introduction to the Pest Management in the Food Industry Code of Best Practice course

Pest Management is an essential and mandatory contributor & pre-requisite to the safe preparation, production, transporting, storing & serving of food free from contamination.

Whether your client is a small take-away coffee shop in a back lane, or a huge multi-national food manufacturing plant stretching for acres in every direction, the safe handling of food is universally regulated by law and subject to standards & compliance which must be adhered to.

The structure and delivery of pest services within these environments demands specific and esoteric knowledge, skills & capabilities. This training module and the Code of Industry Best Practice it supports is intended to guide and empower stake-holders in this process

What is the purpose of this course?

To support the AEPMA Industry Code of Best Practice for Pest Management in the Food Industry and to provide a level of prescriptive guidance, specifications and recommendations for safe & appropriate Pest Management based on practical & acknowledged current Best Practice specific to food handling operations and the delivery of food which is unaffected by pests.

Who is this course recommended for?

The course is suited to people who are already licensed and experienced pest management technicians, field supervisors and account managers who are involved or aspire to be involved in the delivery of pest management services to food businesses. It provides a somewhat technical and prescriptive approach to how an individual can be more effective when dealing with food industry businesses and their pest management needs utilising an integrated approach.